Day 3: A Summary

With more than 200 people from over 50 countries signed up to take part over the three days, this inaugural Gender Alliance Summit marked the first efforts to shape how this community can work together to achieve gender equality. With support from the Bosch Alumni Network Online Activities grant and the BMWFoundation Herbert Quandt, this summit was led by volunteer members from across these networks.

Engaging Men in Gender Equality

Hosted by Julie Smith, Mina LopezLugo and Imran Simmins

Chi Nguyen recaps the highlights from Day 2 of the Gender Alliance Summit

Screenshot of Day 2 Session 2

Day 2: A Summary

Chi Nguyen captures the highlights of Day 1 of the Gender Alliance Summit

Forging a bond across the globe

Day 1: A Summary

Colette Mazzucelli shares her reflections as a Boschie…

As we reflect on the first day of the Gender Alliance Summit, we have the personal recollections of Canadian Ambassador Louise Blais to inspire our communication about the gap between the perception and the reality of gender equality. The presentation by Dr. Ines Kappert introduced the concept of Care, making “Time to Care,” as we imagine what Inclusive Diplomacy can mean in the lives of the marginalized in our world, made even more vulnerable by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today our Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Session picks up the…


The Gender Alliance is a cross-network initiative bringing together feminists from the German networks. Check for more details

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