New Zodiac (a novel in motion true fact)

… the actual 13th sign in astrology, which was initiated in 2012 and became visible in 2013 with a universal symbol which represents a snake carrier around his neck. According to Vedic knowledge it’s God Shiva who gave humanity the most valuable knowledge as YOGA = UNION There are really very few people who does use this fundamental knowledge in the pure form. In western civilization it’s been given a name of the LAW of ATTRACTION. That only able to remain as the law, when fundamental YOGA covers the very base of entire and the most accurate SCIENCE which, been hiden from the majority of WW population, for the sake of control that, kept humanity from self destruction mode (Anarchy would never stand a chance…) And the law of Attraction is not published in books even by Napoleon Hill and W Wallace. Because it was prohibited, by the “elite” klass. EVERY single book which explains this SCIENCE, for the public, missing out on the key ingredients and it remains absolute and more like mythology instead of absolute accuracy, perfection and simplicity. Humanity unable to grasp it because of fear and guilt on top of misusing the principle of FAITH. FAITH explained by N. HILL. in “Think and Grow Rich”) . His true masterpiece 0n this topik is the “LAW of SUCCESS”

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