Why you shouldn’t text people you’ve just met

It’s horrible for actually getting to know someone

I could probably learn more about someone by talking to them for 10 minutes than in hour of texting. Who can add a minute back to their life?

It’s also horrible for understanding someone if you don’t actually know them that well, which can lead to conflicts.

It’s bad for building a relationship with them

I remember some people I used to message people a lot in grade school, and we might have no problem chatting for hours but we ended up talking little in real life because although we were comfortable typing words on a computer, instead of being more comfortable around each other, it actually ended up making us feel more distant, as though we knew more about each other, we didn’t really know each other better than before.

It’s horrible for your social skills (but you already knew that)

It’s a bit disappointing how much we depend on things like social media and text messaging to communicate.

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