One of Trump’s Underrated Talents is His Mellifluous Voice

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s hair, small hands, and limited vocabulary. Late-night comics delight in channeling his hoarse and gangsterlike voice.

But even as the late-night hosts mock this voice, their sudden switch to it reveals a rather pleasant and welcome change from their own strained or harsh baritones. A surprising and little-known fact that comes to light from listening to Trump’s voice, both real and parodied, is that it is quite pleasant and mellifluous to listen to.

For example, in the following videos, comedians Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers unwittingly reveal this curiosity in their impersonations. It would be hard to listen to Colbert or Meyers all day, with their harsh and slightly awkward cadence; but Trump’s soothing, softly-flowing voice elicits no such fatigue — on the contrary, it could be enjoyed all day long:

(starting at 4:38)

(starting at 1:30)

Here’s a soundbite with Trump’s real voice which showcases this harmonious and pleasing quality to some degree. It comes from the vocal cords being relaxed, rather than strained.

Our voices are powerful tools which, together with our physical appearance and presentation, subtly influence how we are perceived. While Trump’s politics as well as personal antics are toxic to many, one ingredient of his personal charm could be the smooth quality of his voice.