Light Smokers Are Screwed, Too
Tracy Moore

When science and politics mix it’s never easy to tell whether the primary intent is to communicate truth or to assert control. Admittedly, the best way to reduce the risks of smoking is to never smoke at all. But no one avoids death and so many other variables in our lives can and do abbreviate our otherwise short lifespan. A few years here or there does not change the fact that we are all on this earth a very short time. Embrace the fact and reality of death. No one cheats the reaper.

When I had first heard of this study they were discussing the number of cell changes in the body. How, outside of mathematical extrapolation, do you claim that X number of cells in the bladder are mutated by smoking? Where is your control in that type of study?

My skeptical self asks for proof, but I also know there are many things we think we know that we simply don’t. Hell, we still don’t even know the exact nature of water and all its permutations.

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