Many Times It’s Easier to Say, “I’m Sorry!”

I was recently involved in an issue that I felt was a clear misunderstanding but that another person misconstrued as a real problem. I am a fighter by nature; It is how I was raised and it is a major reason why I have been able to achieve a modicum of success in life. However, this fight mentality has made it difficult to not defend myself even when a defense isn’t really necessary.

We are always learning. I believe in being a lifetime learner and I try to convey that to my students. I take pride in learning something new everyday. The thing that has been extremely difficult for me to do is learn to just say I’m sorry when I know that would kill a negative situation before it ever escalates.

My problem is that if I am misunderstood, then I don’t feel I should apologize because it’s not my fault they didn’t understand. Truthfully, it’s much easier to just say sorry but it’s so difficult to justify it in my mind. The struggle is real. Whether it is dealing with students, colleagues, or my boss I need to keep improving my ability to end a situation just by saying, “I apologize.”

Boy is it difficult!