This morning started like most mornings begin. I woke up, ran through my normal wash and rinse, brushes the teeth, put on my clothes and got ready to walk out the door. As I was leaving, I realized I didn’t have clothes for practice this afternoon and immediately turned around to go procure them. I didn’t have much time and I was rather annoyed that I had forgotten to gather those clothes earlier, so I grabbed the first pair of shorts and t-shirt that I could get my hands on. As I dashed quickly out the door, clothes in hand, and settled into my silver bullet (my car, I have to make her fancy some type of way) I hit the garage button while settling in and preparing for my morning commute.

A place to shorts and t-shirt in the passenger seat but the short slid off and fell to the floor. When I grab the shorts I felt a lumpy roll in one of the pockets. I quickly surmised that it was a few pieces of paper that had been washed and were now stuck in the shorts pocket. When I reached in the pocket and pulled out the water paper I was shocked to learn that it was money. Is there a better surprise then finding money that you did not believe you had?

My eyes lit up because the first bill on the top of the roll was a $5 bill. Not your typical, “Oh it’s a dollar" discovery. The roll was tight and there were several other bills with the five. As I quickly rifled through the mysterious wad of temporary financial freedom I knew that this was enough to buy a substantial lunch. As a result, I will be ordering lunch instead of eating one of the snacks in my desk.

Cheers to discovery!

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