This project forces us to question what happens if we cannot come together as a human family to overcome the atrocities of social inequality

The Red Team makes probiotic yogurt from scratch!

The failure to uphold human rights values became blatantly clear in 2020 and into 2021, especially in the United States.

Disparities in health, education, and economic status were revealed during the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of murders by police of Black people sparked protests, US asylum systems were dismantled, and access to women’s health care was limited.

The culmination being a socially unequal society where many people are affected by discrimination because of their background, skin color, gender, etc. How did we get here and could microorganisms lead us toward a new path?

A Red Team interview


Exploring the potential of bacterial farming for accessible and exponential water purification

Water pollution” is the contamination of bodies of water and is a big public health problem around the world.

Water pollution is the leading worldwide cause of death and disease, causing more deaths than wars and any other illness on the planet. Since water is a great solvent, finding ways to filter waste from the water can become a very expensive and technically hard problem.

The causes of water pollution are often a result of human activities and can include a wide range of chemicals and pathogens as well as organic substances like bacteria. This also includes inorganic substances like heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel.

Water is vital for humans and many other living…

“Alphabet” by @artxgen

Take the concept of “texture” for example. The word texture is currently defined as the feel, appearance, or consistency of a thing, and is experienced by humans in both a visual and tactile way. Because of our capacity to experience textures through both sight and touch, the idea of a thing’s texture is something that most societies can agree upon — sand paper is rough and a pillow is soft.

But what happens when we use terms meant for something tangible like a pillow, for something that is intangible like an identity — something that cannot be agreed upon by…

Identity is something which has been called into question as the world as we know it teeters between the physical and virtual spaces. The more that we translate our physical information into 0’s and 1’s, we are forced to reconcile with our virtual “alter egos”, both as a society and as individuals. These alternate “selves” are very much a version of who we are, and has the potential to be as revealing to us as looking into a mirror.

“Virtualism” is a term that we at IMRSV Arts have created to describe this exact phenomenon. It contains the concept that…

Artwork by: @artxgen

Life Coaching is something everyone can benefit from. It is personal help that attacks your core problems in a holistic way. As you go through life, you tend to get pigeon-holed in your own narratives and dogmas. Speaking with someone on the outside can freshen your outlook on life, as they may be able to detect road-blocks you may have never noticed.

As creatives, much of our work is mental and done in isolation. This means that we are in our heads more often than not. …

What is “Big Data” anyhow? Big data is a term used to describe the large volume of data that bombards a system on a day-to-day basis. In this article, we will use the term as referred to business entities such as Intel Corp and WeWork. It’s not necessarily the amount of data that’s got us dumbfounded, though that is also a big concern. It’s what these organizations do with the data that really raises eyebrows. …

Curators Denis Leo Hegic and Jan Fiedler presented an interdisciplinary program ranging from urban art, street art, contemporary art, graffiti to performance and theater last October, 2018. MONUMENTA, in short, was a celebration of the “Intelligence of Many”. The concept behind this event was not to showcase and explain art, but to discover the monumental thought in all of us. This exhibition is a key signifier of society’s move toward “the collective” and toward community. In MONUMENTA’s iconic installation, Monument of Many, 100 creatives were invited, in addition to exhibited artists, to modify a single cement block with the intent…

Have you ever wanted to become more involved in a music performance? Audience members are increasingly using their mobile devices to capture, stream, and share their experiences. Augmented Reality (AR) provides a way to make cell phones an integral part in how we participate with our favorite bands.

We’ve seen this before. League of Legends developer Riot Games, floored their audience by introducing an AR dragon, and later realistic, augmented female singers onto the stage. Now, Coachella has joined the club with their audio-reactive AR filters. …

Curator of the Virtual Arts, designing immersive experiences that facilitate creativity. Co-Founder of @imrsvarts and editor of the @arttheorie blog!

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