Evolving the future of art and tech: Dommy Blanco

By: Gene Fox

It’s very rare I get to stumble upon an artist like Dommy Blanco. I recently noticed him off an article posted on the internet that was talking about his new single Ethereum. After tuning into his music on Spotify and learning more about him on his social media I was hooked.

I was impressed with how well he owned his craft and was different than anyone I ever saw, however I was even more impressed with how aware and intelligent he was. He has a music album trilogy called Sweet and Sour which really creates an out of this world type of experience visually and musically. After learning that he also directs his own videos and is involved with every creative aspect of his product, it left me inspired. I also love his versatility musically, you can go from a hard trap bass beat feeling like your in the club to a relaxing chill beat that makes you feel like your on the island. It’s almost like a rollercoaster of intense emotions, sets the mood for any environment.

Behind his boastful music resides a humble fashion , film and technological innovator that is slowly changing the world with his ideas. He is not afraid to speak on issues or advance globally to get his vision out to the world. I think it’s rare to find an music artist that is so versatile in different things and works outside the box, a pure influencer. Dommy Blanco really is an eccentric character that is still very early on and young, 25, in his already illustrious career. I’m looking forward to his upcoming projects.



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