A sand dune.
A dune is an example of emergence: many simple interacting elements combining into an apparent greater phenomenon.

A decentralized organization is more than the sum of its parts

An excavation of mathematics reveals the continuity of our knowledge

If deep learning is what used to be called machine learning, machine learning is what used to be called computational statistics. After all, few would have been familiar with the term in the early 1980s when they were already writing programs for logistic regression, principal component analysis, and other…

Gestural instruments workshop at Lacuna Lab, Berlin, May 2017. Photo credit: Hiroshi Matoba

What I’ve learned from one year of workshops

Over the past year, I’ve been teaching a workshop I’ve usually called “machine learning for artists,” which is also the name of a free, online book I’m building with collaborators, containing supporting materials and educational resources about a subject I’ve been interested in for a long time which has received…

How artistic experiments with deep learning guard us from hype

In recent months, a raft of art projects concerned with deep learning [1][2] have appeared, helping to popularize a branch of machine learning that has rapidly gained traction within the research community. Characterized by more complex architectures than previous generations of machine learning, large-scale deep learning methods have only recently…

Gene Kogan

programmer, primate. http://www.genekogan.com

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