So… when are you getting your hair ‘done’?

My Afro Story.

I decided to take out my braids and wear my natural hair out three months ago and it was a very scary decision for me.

I’d worn my natural hair out before and it hadn’t exactly been a success. The truth was that I had no idea how to take care of my hair. I attacked my afro with ferocity and with the wrong comb, used unsuitable shampoo and eventually destroyed my once vibrant little puff.

So I became a serial hair braider. My non-existent edges were proof of that. I loved wearing my braids but there were many things that bothered me about them too. They were heavy and made my neck ache. They were hard to style and I could never wear them up because they’d topple back down again.

I decided to wear my natural hair out for two reasons. The first reason was because of disappearing edges, they bothered me and actually gave me the push to let my hair grow back.The second was for a deeper reason. I missed my afro. My dad never let me relax or put weave on when I was younger so I was lucky enough to have long and thick curls but I always felt strange wearing my afro out. There were never too many black women doing the same. When I did wear my hair out it was met with confusion by others. I was constantly asked when my hair was getting ‘done’ and what would be my next style as if my afro wasn’t a completed hair style.

But then it started happening, I saw more and more black women with afros and it looked beautiful. They were everywhere, positive images of black women with big afros all over Facebook and Instagram. It gave me the confidence that had been absent in my life to wear my afro out.

Now it’s been 3 months and I’m in love with it. I took the time to learn how to properly care for it, took inspiration from Insta for different hair styles and now I’m fully rocking my afro. I feel confident and the happiest that I have ever felt about my appearance.

My reply to people who may see me in the street, with my huge and vibrant afro and ask me when my hair is going to be ‘done’ will be, “it is very much done and perfect. Bye.”

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