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Nov 16 · 5 min read

As the excitement continues to build around Alignment Entertainment’s upcoming vampire series, Deathless, I had the opportunity to exclusively interview the stars of the show about their experiences on set, and get their views on what we can all look forward to from the series.

Briann Hemp

As an alumni of Florida State University, Briann Hemp has long been ingrained in the Tallahassee film community. She has played in several student films developed by the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, and has been involved with Alignment Entertainment’s tentpole series from just about the very beginning. Having crossed paths with series creator Thomas Curry during her time at the University, she was among the first to get signed to the production, and in 2019, was welcomed to the Alignment Entertainment team as Chief Research Officer.

Having been involved with the show for several years, Ms. Hemp was one of the best people to interview about the background of the series, to which she happily shared, “Deathless has a lot going on in the plot and an incredible ensemble cast. We have the Halfbreeds who trying to survive and flourish without being detected by humans; the Purebloods, who are ruthless and will do anything to grow their power; and then we have the humans who trying to uncover the secrets of the vampire community without getting themselves killed. All of these stories intermingle and converge to an incredible boiling point in the season finale.” She then paused, and added with a smile, “but I don’t want to give too much away.”

Briann Hemp as Chloe Knapp in the upcoming series, DEATHLESS

Briann Hemp stars in the show as Chloe Knapp, the shy-girl-trying-to-break-out-of-her-shell that, through a series of unique events, ends up getting thrust into the hustle, the bustle, and the danger of the Halfbreed vampire community. As one of the central human characters in the series, the dangers of the vampire world are compounded for Chloe, and throughout the show, she constantly seems to find herself threading the line between life and death.

Throughout our interview, Hemp seemed so full of excitement and joy towards the project and her character of Chloe, sharing “She’s adventurous, she’s curious and I think she grows a lot over the first season. Chloe is bored with normal college life and her pursuit of something more interesting leads her to the half breed vampires.” But, according to Hemp, playing the ‘normal college girl’ is not as easy as one might think. Having been involved with the project for so long, and as the show has evolved through several iterations, Hemp says, “Chloe has been a difficult character to play because I have been with her so long and how I thought of her has changed so much. Chloe had to be created and then recreated.” She thought for a moment, then shared that “even just from week to week I would change my mind on how I thought Chloe would feel and act so having been with Chloe for several years, Chloe has had to evolve multiple times.”

But although the character of Chloe Knapp has changed and evolved over the years, Hemp tells us that the two of them share similarities as well, which helped in her rendition of Chloe in the show. “Chloe and I are extremely different but I do think we share how persistent, or maybe even how stubborn, we can be. You ask probably anyone on set, but when I feel very strongly about something or think something is important, it is rare that I will give up until I see the results I set after.”

With her long-standing involvement with the show, I could not resist asking Ms. Hemp what the experience has been like watching the show, its characters, and its leaders grow and evolve over the past several years. “Seeing what Deathless has grown into is mind-blowing to
me because I have seen it go through so many phases. There were honestly points where I thought Deathless was shelved and done. So to do a complete 180 from that and become a full-scale production almost does not feel real.” She then paused, reminiscing on the experience for a moment, before sharing, “It really makes me so eternally appreciative to everyone who joined on to the project and breathed new life into something that I think a lot of us had almost given up on. I joined Deathless my freshmen year of college and have been with the series for almost six years now. It’s both humbling and inspiring to see what Deathless has become and the people who worked on it.”

Briann Hemp as Chloe Knapp in the upcoming series, DEATHLESS

When asked about what her favorite memory of the production was, she continued to praise the behind the scenes team for their efforts, “the most memorable part of the production to me was being blown away every time I walked on set by the amazing skill I saw coming from the crew. I think in general the film industry does not give the crew, the designers or the behind- the-scenes team the credit they deserve..and I really hope that is different for the Deathless team. They all deserve a medal.”

As the production executives are returning from an extended trip to the American Film Market in Santa Monica, the post-production team is working hard to see the project through to the end. But while there has yet to be a release date announced for the production, Hemp assures us that there is a lot to look forward to. “With so many story lines and so many characters, I am pretty sure everyone will find someone to root for. This is also such a different take on traditional vampire lore and I think people will enjoy seeing something new and fresh out of a genre that is already so beloved.”

When I inquired as to what the world can expect next from Ms. Hemp, it seems like only big things. Hemp has recently signed on to produce the original LGBTQ musical Somebody to Love, written and directed by Alignment Entertainment’s own Christopher Beytia Frentzel. “I have the privilege of being an Executive Producer on the project and, along with Patsy Pallone and our talented writer/director Christopher Frentzel, we think we really have something special in the works. Somebody to Love is set to begin filming in spring of 2020 and I cannot wait to be back on a film set again.”

To stay up to date on the latest and greatest with Alignment Entertainment and its productions, check out their official Facebook and Instagram as well! Be sure to stay tuned for what’s new and exciting about their upcoming release, Deathless!

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