645 minutes at Startup Weekend Limerick!

Lights, Camera, Action. Or maybe that’s Lights, Periscope, Innovation! Either way since Friday evening Startup Weekend Limerick at Nexus UL opened to 60 people pitching 24 ideas which formed 10 teams that have been validating, building and pitching their startups for the last 54 hours!

Supported by Bank of Ireland in Limerick and also across the country in other locations such as Galway, Cork and Dublin over the last few years the next event will be in Dublin 10th — 12th June at Google!

So today I jumped aboard a 630am bus bound for Limerick from Dublin. Myself the driver and 3 other brave souls were all the companionship one would need at that time of a Sunday. On a harshly cold morning. On a bus. At 630am. Suffice to say, we all kept to ourselves, mostly through the art of meditation (aka sleeping) except for the bus driver. Thankfully.

The focus of a Startup Weekend is to start by pitching an idea or joining a team and going on to learn a whole bunch of new skills either with lectures or one to one with some great mentors. This helps attendees to go from idea to startup in 54 hours and make new contacts all while having a great time!

This weekend Maria Calafatis flew in from Greece to help facilitate Startup Weekend Limerick. Maria runs the Cube co-working space in Athens home to some amazing companies, people and events geared towards tech and entrepreneurship at all ages.

It sure does take a lot of time to work on an event like this and with this being a volunteer lead event a big shout out needs to go to the following people (and lots more who I’ll inadvertently forget to mention so my apologies in advance!) on the organising team: Shane McCarthy, Gert O’Rourke, Peter Hunt, Pat Carroll, Laura Clinton and James McCarthy.

So in no particular order here are the 10 teams that pitched this evening at Startup Weekend Limerick!

A tasty wholesome feast at a great price delivered to your desk every morning

Little Green Book
Getting rid of till receipts to help consumers get a better handle on their expenses

Connecting students with conveniently healthy food options with a subscription model

Providing wearable tech solutions to reduce health insurance premiums for healthy people

Trail Whisper
Travel made easy for the surf community

A market place for that joins up people who create Building information models with people who create them

Safer better dog breeding match making

A community favour exchange program to help local communities — basically a crm for running communities!

Find out about all of the great happening around you on your commute for tourist travelers

Last minute bookings for spare time in Salons

After 54 hours of mentors, ideas and team work the winners of Startup Weekend Limerick were announced!

3rd — Wrisk

2nd — Vroom

1st — Trail Whisper!

If you want to know more about Startup Weekend and get involved then make sure to contact the team behind the latest event who’s details you can find here.

On that note the thing to remember here is that Startup Weekends are organised by volunteers, people who want to see their startup communities build an grow into some thing special. It’s pretty obvious to those that know me that I’m hooked on this idea and Startup Weekend but none the less it’s an absolute privilege to get to hand out and meet the previous, current and future organisers who really do phenomenal jobs on making these events happen!

Congrats to you, you mighty few!

Post Credits Bonus Content Stuff aka the new PS…

Some of you may be aware of the awful spate of flu’s that have taken hold of all of us in some way shape and form over the past few months. This sadly happened in 2015 to Ed Fidgeon Kavanagh and it disrupted him from joining us at the last Startup Weekend. This was immortalized in the short #truestory film entitled #Remembering Ed which you can view here.

Those that have met Ed know of his skills when it comes to presentations with his company at ClearPreso (and equally of his concern of certain presentation tools usage…)

Sadly Ed wasn’t able to make it this weekend, and so the following sequel #EdAgedon, what happens when presentations aren’t presented properly was aired this evening at Startup Weekend Limerick. For your consideration you can view it here.