Fall’ing for Startups

Gene Murphy
Aug 12, 2018 · 3 min read

It’s that time of year again and applications are open for our Fall (maybe this posts title now makes sense) global pre accelerator program Startup Boost. This Fall we have programs taking place in Detroit, Dublin, New York and Los Angeles and if you’re ready to apply; then quit your reading, go back to those underlined city names and click to apply.

You can keep reading though as there’s still a video, some potential gifistry and all manner of words that might amuse, delight or entice you to send this post to someone you now that might just benefit from this program.

So it’s been a little over a year since we launched Startup Boost and kicked off our first programs. And we’ve been busy! We’ve run preaccelerator programs in Detroit, Dublin, London, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York (who’ve got both a regular edition and a Blockchain vertical edition!). We’ve had interest from over 38 locations around the world to open new chapters and we even got to ink a pretty cool partnership…

Earlier this year we had some pretty delightful news to share when we partnered with the largest global accelerator, Techstars! This was a pretty exciting development for us to be able to extend how we work with teams on a global level, all in our first year, which you can read about here and TLDR; it’s best put by Techstars Co Founder David Brown when he said:

“Working with Startup Boost as an exciting way for us to help founders who are looking for a program between a Techstars Startup Weekend and a Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program. We are excited to partner with them to help entrepreneurs succeed.”

What a year it’s been, but back to this year, Startup Boost and our latest Fall programs.

If you’re (still reading) and haven’t heard of Startup Boost before (shame on you, but I still like you) or you just need a refresher (that’s perfectly understandable, and that’s why I like you) before you apply, track down that friend with a great idea or that person you’re mentoring because you like the sound of what we do then keep those face cameras rolling across these next words.

Startup Boost works with between six and eight pre-seed/seed stage tech startups per cohort to prepare them for Accelerators, Investment and Revenue. Prerequisites include a comprehensive business model, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and market validation or traction. On program startups learn from keynote speakers on specific topics core to their success, work with Startup Boost City Directors and mentor team who offer industry insights alongside hands-on mentorship, guidance, validation and the necessary resources for building traction.

Startup Boost teams graduate at a Global Demo Day post program and unlike other programs out there, startups accepted into the program are not charged any fees and have no equity is taken.

So if that sounds like a program for you or someone you know that needs to prepare for Accelerators, Investment or (my favourite!) Revenue then get to startupboost.org/apply before September 17th 2018 to apply! If you’d like to know more about supporting a Startup Boost program globally or in your city then click here and if you feel like you’re the right kind of person and are a key community builder in your ecosystem then click here to apply to open a new city chapter.

If you’re still reading because you were waiting for the video then my friend your wait is over and please click, watch and enjoy this little explainer below!

PS. as my home town is Dublin you can find out all about this city’s up coming program here which is run by the very awesome Carolyn Quinlan, Nubi Kay, Mor Hazan, myself and new to the team Finn Murphy all great people to get to know!

Gene Murphy

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I ❤️ Startups! Organise @dublinbeta @drinkaboutdub @swdub @startupnextirl Cofounder @startupireland & I'm E.I.R. at Bank Of Ireland Tweets RTs favs are all mine

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