Dub-Lon Fin-Tech — Techstars Barclays Accelerator Fintech Demoday

Today began with a bang, well truth be told it was a glass of orange juice at 5am (but lets be honest its a far more fun way to open an article, I hope you’d agree).

It was out to Dublin airport which for an early o’clock flight to get to the Barclays Fintech demo day powered by Techstars. In between using captionbot.ai to send surreal tweets about how that ai saw the world around itself and listening to quite a good guitar player busking at the departure gate I was en route to see some Fintech.

First stop was the Virgin Media Accelerator powered by Techstars to see what was happening with this latest program release from Techstars. You can check out the full line up of teams that are now into week 4 of their program. The line up features Irish startup superstar Konnect Again who you can read more about here.

After numerous emails, coffees and battery’s had been sent, drank and charged it was time to get to the O2 dome for the main attraction which was the Barclays Fintech Demo Day powered by Techstars.

After a short detour of getting lost in a choice paralysis bubble of what piece of merchandise to add to my growing collection of swag, I decided with the impending closet space shortage I’m facing, thatI’d move swiftly to my seat and leave my purchase of a Techstars piece of memorabilia, for another day…

Lubaina Manji Director of Barclays Innovation opened the event and managed to incorporate the name of every startup about to pitch into one sentence. Credit where credit is due, it was pretty good stuff.

Next up to welcome the assembled crowd of fintech fans, bankers and startup folk was the Fintech program director from Techstars Chris Adelsbach (definitely someone to get to know if you’re in the Fintech scene in Europe). It turns out this was the largest fintech demo day to date and I can agree to that. The room was packed, the excitement high and we were moments away from seeing what these teams had achieved over their program.

A nice move that always happens in Techstars program is the introduction of each team by their lead mentor. Today’s mentors included people such as directors at XERO to founders of some of the fabric of the fintech eco system. Not only is this a big credit to the Techstars team but also the quality of the teams to have each and every mentor enthralled with their particular team. So with that in mind, here is a snap shot (with a link to each company in the team name) below!

Using deep domain knowledge and experience ForwardLane couple to IBM Watson to deliver the fastest scalable wealth management system possible who now have 2.5 trillion under management in under 6 months. They describe themselves as the CRM for Wealth Management, globally.

Agent Cash
Introduced by Mentor Xero’s Gary Turner, Agent Cash 80% of small retailers cannot afford to build software to manage omni channel inventory, until now thanks Agent Cash. Take a pic of a product with their app and all of your connected sales channels are updated! Publish once, publish and then manage through many channels.

Making security pretty much invisible in mobile apps is Zighra. Using multiple data points (down to the angle you hold your mobile device at and strike pattern for keys among many, many other ones) Zighra are taking on a big problem and from their pitch today are accelerating through it.

Barclays’ Smart Contract Templates
This is an internal team from Barclays that made the cut for the latest program. Go intrepreneurship!

They’re developing a capital markets technology to enable financial products to be understood in a unique way. They allow the generation of legal contracts and executable business logic concurrently.

Bringing insurance to a point where you can literally pay on demand by the hour to be insured on any car is the challenge that Cuvva has accomplished selling 10,000 (most of which according to the team member pitching having been sold in the last month alone).

This team use Blockchain technology to revolutionize invoicing.

Cyber security and technology firm providing legal and compliance solutions to government and the enterprise.

Mark helps drive better data on donations focusing on corporates with large yearly giving budgets ($18billion a year is donated in the states each year). No data, no dosh. Providing this data through reporting tools this means corporates can clearly report to their shareholders on their donation budgets.

From the team that brought you such payment titles as’ We made apple pay and master card play together,’ it was Digiseq who have built a platform to connect any device to transact wearable payments.

Seldon is an end to end platform for enterprise using Machine Learning. By helping you to quickly deploy real-time machine learning recommendations and predictions. Check it out here.

According to a 2014 world bank report 2b people globally are unbanked. The team at Wala are going after that market and just in a short few months they now have over 1m users.

Overall a pretty fascinating day with some excellent teams thanks to the hard work of the Barclays Fintech program team powered by Techstars. Well done everyone!