Saas, DTS, Ai and other acronyms this week in Dublin Tech!

To say it was a busy week is a bit of an understatement. The older I’m getting the more that keeping up with the change in tech generally and what happens around the technology world in Ireland is making in roads on my person that I hadn’t expected.

This week outside of a deadly cold, I also managed the unlikely task of sneezing out a filling not once but twice. So from my reclassifying IoT to now mean in my case at least, the Internet of Teeth, this week the real impact of tech in Ireland for me centered around the Dublin Tech Summit, the launch of the SaaS Network Ireland and this weekends first ever AI Hackathon in Ireland.

Dublin Tech Summit

2 years in the making and many many speakers later this week saw the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit launch at the Convention Centre Dublin. With more speakers and tracks than I could shake a tooth at (which I literally happened to do this week) I have to admit, I was pretty impressed at what I saw on show.

Tech events for me these days sadly rarely involve getting to sit for too long to watch the content (although I’m making a concerted effort to turn this around in 2017) but instead it’s my favourite way to catch up with people I haven’t seen one end of the year to the next and hear what’s big in their particular industry vertical.

If however you have a proper attention span unlike mine then you had everything from tech verticals including fashion to fintech and innovation to IoT to contend with before you even made it as far as the startup workshops or the main stage with luminaries such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Cindy Gallop before the Startup100 pitch competition brought proceedings to a satisfactory conclusion on day 2 of the Dublin Tech Summit.

Folks with afar better command of the English language than my ginger self have written about the Dublin Tech Summit here and here and I recommend checking these reviews out for your self. In my opinion it was a good start, the organisers deserve a slap on the back and I’m looking forward to an even better event next year.

SaaS Network Ireland

During the Dublin Tech Summit the launch of the newly formed but long thought out SaaS Network Ireland happened on a lovely Wednesday afternoon on Camden Street in Dublin.

A no nonsense group has been setup by founders and tech heroes Dan and Peter to bring together CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s from SaaS companies in Ireland to help them learn from each other to scale faster and better.

If you fit their criteria then please do sign up as what is happening here is a straightforward way to bring together learning's from great SaaS companies in Ireland so that they can all benefit together. Find out more here

AI Hackathon

In a third of first time happenings to occur in less than a week in Ireland we saw the launch of Ireland’s first ever AI Hackathon organised by DublinAI meetup crew Atrovate. Taking place at Trinity College and supported by Bank of Ireland with over 100 AI obsessed future Skynet builders (and so on) the weekend had drowns as large as tub chairs and more VR and AR headsets that I again could shake a tooth at (for those worrying about my tooth status by them time this event started on Saturday I had thankfully been to my dentist who proclaimed that my jaw has too much torquing power hence cracked and sneazable teeth… who’d a thought of that am I right!).

I even got to find about, if although very briefly, about what’s been happening with AI since the 80’s in this informative yet educational video above…

Anyway, the 100+ strong AI enthusiasts have leveraged the might of big data to not only produce a Sia music creating bot but also fantastic fintech AI based apps.

More on this later as it’s 4pm, there’s still drones to be flown and pitches to be pitched!

All in all it’s bee a pretty exciting week in tech in Dublin and above all else what’s happening here on the ground with tech startups is still full of really exciting people, products and new focus’s on tech which is refreshing to see.