I’m walking back from the office chatting with Blake my Co Founder of at the Startup Boost Pre-Acceleator around 14 weeks ago about all of the news starting to circulate around Covid19. I remember mentioning to him what would we do if maybe one or two of our partner venues couldn’t host us, as at that time the new reality of how we would be operating hadn’t dawned yet.

24 hours after that call it was very clear from the messages of venues postponing events due to Covid19 that the likely hood of being able to support with a Spring program was very unclear. …

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It’s that time of year again and applications are open for our Fall (maybe this posts title now makes sense) global pre accelerator program Startup Boost. This Fall we have programs taking place in Detroit, Dublin, New York and Los Angeles and if you’re ready to apply; then quit your reading, go back to those underlined city names and click to apply.

You can keep reading though as there’s still a video, some potential gifistry and all manner of words that might amuse, delight or entice you to send this post to someone you now that might just benefit from this program. …

Maybe I know what you’re thinking right now, maybe I even know the song that’s playing in your head at this moment or maybe I even know the song you’re trying to stifle humming currently after reading the headline to this article.

Well at least I think I do.

I’m betting that it’s the classic 1973 multiplication rock tune ‘3 is the Magic Number,’ by School House Rock. …

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Pump up the jam, pump it up. While you fintechs stompin’
And the jam (innovation event in Dublin March 6th) is pumpin’.

Now that I have either lost you as a reader or gained your undivided attention, lets chat about Jam. Not the delicious spreadable sort but the Temenos Innovation Jam March 6th 2018 in Dublin, where a host of innovation and banking folks will meet to greet and chat with a host of Fintechs for this excellent one day event encompassing great talks, panels, keynotes and of course pitches.

Last April 2017 I had the chance to attend the London Temenos Innovation Jam, where I got to meet some amazing fintech companies competing to join the Temenos marketplace. …

Suffice to say, the past year has been exciting, frightening and down right brilliant as a bunch of us set out to create a global pre accelerator to help early stage tech startups to get accepted to accelerators, raise seed capital and get revenue ready.

Taking time out to think back on all of this days before our application deadline it feels (in a good way) like I’m in the eye of a storm! By this I mean the past year of setting up, working with awesome city directors and spotting startup talent for our first ever cohort this October has been the first part of the journey in to the unknown. …

It’s pretty fair to say that even with a lot of preparation nerves before a big day are something I will always struggle with. Lately though, said nerves, have taken on a new persona much like the Jason Bourne character with a different disguise for any situation! This week insomnia was the character playing the roles of my nerves, ahead of the first roll out and meet up globally in Dublin for Startup Boost a global tech pre-accelerator.

You can read my last post here to find out more about what a pre-accelerator is and at the same time learn all about Startup Boost (that post is basically a two for one learning bonanza on this subject!) …

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Pre accelerators a launchpad for success

Back in 2008 across America we saw the rise of the accelerator for tech startups. In that year there were 16 programs which mushroomed by a factor of 10 by the time we got to 2014 as highlighted by Catherine Clifford in entrepreneur.com.

For those unaware or those that want a quick refresh (or if you know this then skip forward 66 words) it’s a program that lasts on average for 90 days, invests a a low to high five figure sum of funds in return for equity percentage x and can be seen in some cases as the equivalent of a great early stage co founder assuming they’ve a great network and panel of coaches and mentors to hyper charge the initial early phase of your tech startup. …

It was another moment to shudder when I set my alarm for the ridiculous o’clock flight to London from Dublin, but thankfully the idea of catching up with some old friends from the London Startup scene, getting to hear a bevy of brilliant pitches, get time to check out one of London’s latest coworking spaces and amongst all that see the latest disruptors disrupting in #Fintech made an early start a little easier to bear.

Bearing in mind (pun) that I was much like this bear above trying to clamber into a middle seat on a plane at 6am wasn’t the greatest start, but I buckled up and even bumped into one of the team members from Irish Fintech Courtsdesk en route which made for a great catch up en route to the venue. …

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In 1996 Jay Kay the leader of the acid jazz inspired super group Jamiroquai sang these faithful lyrics in his song ‘Virtual Insanity’ that would ultimately be quite important to me.

Of this virtual insanity, we’re livin in.
Has got to change, yeah

Now, as always I won’t forget to come back to my personal homage to this particular song* a little later on, but for the sake of this story, 21 years after this was first released (I feel so old writing that) that lyric was about to be upended by another super group by the name of meetingroom.io. …

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On Wednesday 22nd of March, it was 4am and my alarm clock was blaring (in later years I think I’ll find out the ringtone descends digitally from the same claxon used in the movie Das Boot when that sub dives, as it is as equally nosiey as it is scary). Suffice to say I was awake (if startled) and I was ready for a flight to London to get some Jam. By Jam I do of course mean some good learnings at the Temenos Innovation Jam showcasing a whole bunch of exciting Fintech Startups.

Best to back it up a little for my non Fintech related friends and to help realign any jam (or other preservative) based misconceptions to this little blog being about the innovations in jam production as opposed to fintech. …


Gene Murphy

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