Open Source Exchange Voting Portal

Developed by GenerEOS, shEOS, EOS Rio & NodeONE


FREE Open-source Framework


  • Easy to install and integrate into an existing exchange portal
  • Easy to configure and customise
  • Easy to use by exchange users
  • Supports management / voting with a combination of hot and cold wallet accounts
  • Secure management of voting keys / supports and promotes best-practice security standards
  • Real-time notifications — integration with social networks such as slack / yammer (v2)
User Interface

Voting User Interface

Admin Interface

Exchange Admin

  1. Query the backend and present the list of proxies with their total votes (default sort order by number of votes as voted by the exchange users)
  2. Present basic statistics: e.g. how many exchange users have participated in the voting process, how much total EOS combined do those users have in the exchange.
  3. Present and manage the list of exchange accounts with voting recommendations formulated by the backend system based on the amount of EOS staked in each of the accounts and votes received for the various proxies.
  4. Generate transactions to vote for all managed exchange accounts based on the voting recommendations worked out.

Featured Proxy Accounts

  • Geographical Diversity;
  • Technical Competence;
  • Community Participation;
  • Strong presence in Governance; and
  • Development of Tools.

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