Introduction to SIP Trunk

Around the world SIP trunk has been used by many businesses primarily to reduce their telecommunication costs. It is a communication protocol that offers significant benefit that outweighs traditional trunk lines. Not all the SME business owners are aware of this incredible saving opportunity and some are just skeptical because of the fear of the unknown. This means that call are routed using the internet in digital forms rather than analog signals through a copper wire. In old phone line calls are routed from end to end users using a network called PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and massive switchboard with various protocol that control all your calls regardless of whether you are using land line or a mobile. For this massive switchboard requires regular maintenance and upgrade to sustain its regular functions which lead to expensive calling charges, line rental and flag falls.

It works by establishing a connection between a SIP gateways enabled private branch exchange (EPBX) and PSTN. A device with a SIP firewall closed enterprise IP PBX or by using firewall with full SIP functionality is able to connect to external phones regardless of whether it is land line or a mobile. For establishing a connection the Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) server and data center plays a vital role. When the analog signals are digitized, packetized and encrypted and the blueprint of phone call termination starts from the IP PBX, so it can be transmitted via SIP securely. When the data leaves the IP PBX it then travels through the ISTP’s server using the internet for channeling and then ISTP’s system will then transmit the data to the number prefix you are calling. The protocol and the network that SIP trunk uses requires less maintenance and upgrade by passing the PSTN SIP calls are relatively cheaper.

With this, your SME business saves about 50% to 70%on your monthly bills on top of the other many benefits of the technology and other benefit of SIP trunk is its ability to work with almost all IP PBX as long as it supports SIP. So this means that you do not need to replace your current phone system, steering you away from unnecessary cost and you do not need to conduct staff training with the new phones because you will be using your current ones and SIP trunk will gave you better capacity and more phone lines.

Now a day in the market today there are a handful of providers that will allow you to connect unlimited out going lines for free. So, this means you do not need to wait for free lines anymore to make that important call and you can easily pick up any extension and dial out and also allows you to conduct outbound sales probing without having to worry that you are making your phones busy for your callers.