My visit from the Holy Spirit and the art of Albrecht Durer

The following in a true story.

In October of 2005, in Seattle, I was visited by the Holy Spirit as I walked into my art studio- which was in a dilapidated, crumbling warehouse building (artist colony) in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Two days before that occurrence I was filling out questions on a social-network website that I was joining and one question in particular asked, “Who do you want to meet?” In my spontaneous and wild imagination I wrote, “An infinite amount of souls in one finite time and space.”

Fast-forward two days later. I walk into my studio planning on logging into my computer when out of nowhere I was filled instantly with a dominant Almighty force that over-took my entire body, but specifically my heart. My chest felt as though it glowed as if pure Energy was being pumped into it. This force was definitely from another world, nothing on this plane of existence could compare. The force was of the origin of The Creator and that awesome power was of the type that could “Raise the dead.” I can only explain this occurrence as being the Holy Spirit introducing “The Reality of things” to me in conviction. The session went on for about ten minutes and brought me to tears of joy.

After that episode I “knew” that there was a God; I had and have no doubt in my mind whatsoever of the existence of The Creator.

I was looking through an art history book shortly thereafter and came across the Durer print of “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” I instantly saw and knew that the faces on the horsemen looked eerily similar to Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. I worked for the firm- in the marketing department- from 2000 to 2003. I am convinced, with the same conviction of my Knowledge of the existence of God- that these four architects are the Four Horsemen from that print which was created by Durer in the year 1498 in Germany. That is my position, it is a working “hypothesis” as I have researched the subject of the Four Horsemen ever since with a focused curiosity.

Looking back, more than ten years have passed and I know that I am blessed to of had this Experience; with it my conviction of the Truth of Reality. God’s mercy and grace upon me is a Gift. I know that with this blessing comes responsibility to tell people about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I have recently come to the realization that we must glorify God because the Tempter (Satan) is a powerful adversary with the aim of deceiving the world and blocking Christ’s reign.

Believers know, in the end, that Christ defeats Satan, however we are not at that point in history yet. We are in a daily battle between the forces of Good and Evil- in the here and now of reality; at the beginning of the end. In my opinion.

Every person saved is a miracle to the Church or Body of Christ and that person can then bring their unique God-given gifts to Glorify The Father and make the Church even more powerful. There is definitely a strategy at hand here.

With this Testimony I hope and pray that this Evidence will create and spark an interest in non-believers; so that they can investigate the Word; and come to live a life in the body of Christ.

Caveat to Testimony

Only the Lamb (Jesus) can open the scrolls from the Book of Revelation (Rev 5). The Holy Spirit, coming from Jesus, came to me in October 2005, to guide me to the hypothesis I have written about. The revelation given to me is part and parcel of the Revelation of Jesus Christ written by John of Patmos in the first century. I am not straying off the message and that is of utmost importance, and suggests this is not a false prophecy.

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