IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plan

General Insurance

The IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company also known as ITGI was formed through a combined endeavor agreement between Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative and its associates (IFFCO) and Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Group and its associates, the latter being Japan’s largest listed insurance group.

IFFCO holds 72.64 % stake and its associate M/s Indian Potash Limited holds 1.36% stake, whereas 26 % stake is held by Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Group and its associates.

The IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company began its operation in December 4, 2000 after attaining authorization license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) of India. At present the insurance company has a 122 lateral spread centers and 255 Bima Kendras.

It was recognized as an innovative distribution channel in the Capegemini World Insurance Report in the year 2009. In the year 2013–14 ITGI was awarded with the National Award for successful implementation of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna (Insurance program of labor department of Government of India).

Overview of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

This offers cover a broad range of general insurance needs and each product has variants/optional features for suiting different customer preferences. The main categories of insurance offers by ITGI include:

 Motor insurance: car, two wheeler, commercial vehicle insurance, on road protection cover, value auto coverage (additional optional covers).

 Health insurance: family health protector plan, individual health protector plan, swasthya kavach policy (health shield), individual medshield policy, personal accident insurance policy, critical illness insurance policy, health protection plus policy.

 Travel insurance: travel insurance policy, Pravasi Bhartiya Beema Yojna (NRI insurance).

 Home insurance: home suvidha policy (home ease policy), home family protector policy.

 Other insurance: trade suvidha policy (trade ease policy), trade protector policy, business insurance, micro and rural insurance.

 Speciality insurance: comprehensive general liability, credit insurance, errors and omissions (technology) insurance, fine arts insurance (for private collectors, dealers, gallery owners), multi modal transport insurance.

Why to buy IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company is a general insurance firm authorized by IRDA as such transparent reporting is mandatory as per IRDA regulations. IRDA assesses insurance firm’s performance with respect to risk manageability, profitability through risk management techniques, usage of funds, commitment fulfillment, customer satisfaction through timely claim settlements.

The major reasons to choose ITGI plans include:

 Transparent online disclosures
 High IRDA ratings
 Proven expertise in risk management
 Broad and in depth coverage of general insurance
 Resourceful and financially strong company
 Easy claim settlement procedures
 Seamless online processes
 Agent and expert assistance

Features and Benefits of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

 Policy term of generally one year
 Easy renewability
 Long term customer relations
 Broad insurance coverage
 In depth product coverage
 Variable cover and premium options
 Special coverages
 Optional product plan features
 Online quotation retrieval
 Online purchase mode
 Individual as well as group plans
 Business and sector plans

Eligibility of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans can be taken up by Indian nationals and some plans have been tailor made to suit the requirements for Non resident Indians also. The plans can be availed by adult citizens for their personal, family, home, vehicle, business insurance requirements. Policy holders can seek covers from a wide range of options as well as premium payment requirements, they should choose policies for which they can comfortably pay premiums and avail significant reduction in risks.

Exclusions of IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

These are specific to the type of insurance plan, though general exclusions include situations that have arisen due to careless behaviors, unlawful activities, criminal activities, unheeding relevant guidelines, self injury activities, intoxicated state casualties, events not covered under policy cover.

Documents required for IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

The general documents include identity, date of birth and address proofs also income proof. Special documents can include professional or business proofs, medical proofs and others.

Claim process for IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Plans

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance offers swift without hassle claim settlement through Pan India dealer network of service providers like garages, and other expert networks. The company also offers 24 by 7 helpline support to its customers in distress or emergency.

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At ITGI claims can be cashless for both emergency and planned admissions or on reimbursement basis. Cashless settlements are made directly between ITGI and service provider upon successful verification. Also claims are reimbursed for expenses already incurred within due time upon successful verification and receipt of relevant forms and documents.

Details on forms and documents are available on the company website.