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A few years back I got a chance to make my first contribution to a popular open source project.

Build tools come and go, but my favorite for a long time has been Brunch. Since I loved hacking Phoenix and Elixir, and that just happens to be the build tool that came with it, I jumped right in.

Why Brunch and Not Gulp, Grunt Or Webpack

What makes Brunch a superior build tool, for me, is the incredible user experience. The Brunch web site and documentation, and instructions, are incredibly easy to get anyone going.

You can quickly learn Brunch within, literally, 5 minutes.

And it doesn’t need to get very complex, unless you want it to. …

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The Millionaire “Skill”

Jordan Belfort’s story, complete with Quaaludes and $50 million-a-year paydays, jail, and media superstardom, is the sort of epic drama that most of us can only ever dream about.

Long before he became the bad guy on Wall Street, long before he went to prison and had to pay back $200 million in restitution for the investors whom his company defrauded of millions, Jordan Belfort was just a kid who wanted to be a doctor.

That’s about as regular as it gets though.

Growing up in the Bronx, Jordan quickly discovered his almost uncanny ability to conjure money seemingly out of thin air. …

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Unless your brand is rocking the boat and making waves, you’ve sold yourself short on your advertising and marketing campaigns. If that’s you, you need this rectification like a symphony needs violins. Or, if guitar is more your thing, your brand still needs rectification like a riff needs a Les Paul.

Strap yourself in and prepare to be blown away in this rock symphony of brand energy.

Let’s Go Back To The Start. Why Creativity Matters

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If you sell luxury products or are building a luxury brand, this post could be the most important you’ll read in a while so buckle up.

BMW can engineer cars about as well as Mercedes Benz can engineer them, and both of them about as well as Jaguar can. The differentiator in the selling power of these equally solid brands, is going to come down to creativity in the execution. …


General Tomahawk

Ten Mutunhire aka General Tomahawk is a copywriter and creator of Sell Your Course Like A Pirate. Catch General Tomahawk’s latest update at Towers Of Zeyron.

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