Generation Dementia

Five Conditions Define Generation Dementia

By Michael Hartnett

I call today’s youth Generation Dementia because of how disoriented their lives are. They are overloaded with data; they spend more time with their phones than with people; every move they make is recorded; reality TV and virtual reality swirl about them like a toxic wind, and every mistake they make is never truly deleted, stored away for a later date. This generation encounters so much phenomena filled with distorted and compromised messages that detachment and confusion are inevitable.

Certainly, today’s youths are no more troubled than those at any…

Who Took the Phone out of Cell Phones?

By Michael Hartnett

A cell phone is very useful and practical device as long as you don’t talk on it.

In fact, the current teenage generation understands better than their elders that a cell phone is the best instrument to assure that you never have to communicate with the person right in front of you. As one of my students explained to me, a cell phone is essentially a short-cut to music, movies, books, and everyone who isn’t nearby.

Without that phone, my students have described themselves as “naked,” “empty,” and “desolate.”…

Michael Hartnett

Michael Hartnett is the author of Generation Dementia, The Great SAT Swindle, and Universal Remote.

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