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I have a serious issue with this posting. First, I was at this presentation. It wasn’t 10 minutes of tech issues, it was close to 30 minutes of your 60 min window. Second, every single person in that room knows you were on drugs — so if someone accused you, maybe you should take it to heart and seek professional help. You were not able to form coherent sentences, you admitted to the person in charge of the event that you had partied and not slept for 3 days and hadn’t even finished preparing your presentation 1 hour before your time was scheduled to begin. You probably shouldn’t have taken a SHOT OF FIREBALL on stage 15 minutes into your presentation that you still hadn’t bothered to start and then written a blog complaining we wanted to know how high you were when you could barely do more than mumble. YOU’RE A DISGRACE. GO TO REHAB.

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