The changes and the new opportunities in online gambling industry

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The global market of online casino games demonstrates the stable growing. The basic structure development is accompanied by such megatrends as globalization, digitizing and the growth of mobile segment. Where to make money online gambling?

The return to the regulation of the gambling industry supposes the open of new geographical markets. The world’s circulation of the real money in online casino games is estimated about €40 billion in 2016. It is higher for 11% than in 2015.

Definitely, the volume of the world’s market of online casino is estimated about €10,7 billion. Europe is the biggest market where you are able to click to play slots online for real money and UK is the biggest gambling player.

The Stable Growth

People spend more time for playing online casino games and spend more profits for online entertainments.

The world’s market also gets the advantage from the stable shifting of land –based casinos to online sphere. Other factors that positively influence on the industry are: the rebirth of the regulation interest, rapid connection, and technologic improvement, new players at the market, the growing assortment and the widest acceptance of the online games as the natural part of the entertainment industry. The powerful factors of the growth:

· Globalization that allows to spread new trends and products

· The shifting from land-based places to online

· The development of the mobile segment

· The increase of the interest to the online casino products

· The return to the online games regulation

· New players at the gambling industry

The number of mobile phones grows at all continents. That is why online games is one of the most appealing and fabulous segment in the gambling industry. It receives innovations and new opportunities.

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