He has gone with the wind/Sometimes in the rain

Love is a very powerful feeling it can either be butterflies in your stomach or a heart ache. In the following stories “He has Gone with the Women” and ‘Sometimes in the Rain” by Benjamin Saenz we can see the common factor love but the kinda love that you only have once. Carlos had never felt what he felt with Javier with anybody else “ No one had whisper my name the way he whispered it” And Neto he felt that Brian was safe with him,that they connect in a way he didn't think was possible “ I knew what i though as I watched him sleep even though I didn't really want to tell myself.I thought he was beautiful”. Whereas the epiphany in “He has gone with the women” Carlos realizes that he loved Javier more than Javier loved him and in Sometimes in the rain” Neto realizes that he didn’t love Brian enough.

Both Characters experience love for the first time. Carlos had never felt the type of love he had for Javier with anybody else in a very long time . And Neto Brian was the first guy Neto felt those type of feelings towards.

Lifetime Love

In both stories we find that the main characters encounter love in a meaningful way , but not just any love but the love you only find once. The love that makes your head spin and your heart beat a thousand times faster. Love plays a big factor in their lives because they had never experienced it. “He has gone with the Wind” we see Carlos fall instantly in love with Javier in his trips to the coffee shop “Some people are so beautiful that they belong everywhere they go.” (Saenz 11) It signifies that Carlos love at first sight, he shared a powerful connection towards him. That’s how love is sometimes we look at someone and at that moment we have this sensation over our body that we can tamed. “Sometimes in the Rain” the encounter that Neto has with Bryan at the river has a big significance in the story because its moment Neto sees Bryan in a whole new perspective, and after he goes home and realizes something about himself he didn’t know “And suddenly the world was so much bigger than I’d ever imagined it to be.” (Saenz 138) We can clearly see how the encounters for both characters mean much more than what they though. At the time maybe, Carlos though that by watching Javier from his table will be simply enough, and Neto thought that the meaning of seeing Brian with another guy was just by pure accidental but it meant something more.

Love was only temporary feeling for Carlos and Neto and their fatal flaw was believing they had time.

Fatal flaw

The way that both characters handle love was different from each other. From the begging Carlos and Javier didn’t hide the way they felt. They knew that they shared this special bond “I made love to him and then he made love to me.” (Saenz 29) They weren’t afraid of sharing their love for each other, being open to what their hearts desire. “Sometimes in the rain” Neto and brains relationship start a bit different, we can see that after that moment in the river Neto has a different feeling towards Brian. It wasn’t just the jock from high school, but he knew something intimate about Brian, knowing that made Neto realize that he feelings towards him. After realizing want he felt he didn’t want no one to know “I knew something about myself that I’d never known. Just when I’d started liking himself, I hated myself again.” (Saenz 138) clearly see denial about feeling love toward another man, he felt that it wasn’t right to have feelings for another guy. Love is scary and confusing, but it shouldn’t be something you should denied yourself no matter the circumstances.

What is love if you’re not here with me? What is love if it’s not guaranteed? What is love if it just ups and leaves? What is love if you’re not here no more?
 What is love if you’re not really sure? What is love?
 What is love?

The video connects to both of the stories because that’s how both characters felt. In the case of Carlos at the end we see how Carlos is devastated of his loss “Trying not to hate,Trying not to feel anything” In Neto’s case he realizes that his love for Brian was to late that he wasn’t there for him to love anymore.


Now we get to the moment of clarity in both stories they have an epiphany but different from each other. In “He has gone with the Women” Carlos epiphany he sees how his love for Javier wasn't enough , he couldn’t have filled that need or void Javier needed because at the end no matter how much loved or care that Carlos will give him Javier will always go to his first love, his beloved Juarez. “I wondered if a man like me could ever fill the kind of hunger that lived inside of him.” (Saenz 28). In “Sometimes in the Rain” Neto’s epiphany was that he realize that fear didn't let the love that he and Brian had for each other never blossom to what they had hoped to. “So many things we don’t do because we’re afraid.” Now he lived a life of regret and he cant let go of Brian after all the years passed he still wonders what could of happen,maybe if he had stopped Brian from leaving he wouldn't of died and they would of been together and happy “ I half-expected to turn and see Brian sitting next to me.”

This connects with the stories by how ear play an important part in their love story.

Their are many paths in life. But the longest one is the path of love. If you find it and learn how to embrace it you will live a life of happiness,but if you turn away from it and let it go you will live a life of despair. In both stories we read the common factor was epiphany of love but the difference was in the moment of clarity. Carlos realized his love wasn't enough to keep Javier and Neto cant let go that fear was the destruction of his love with Brian.

Regret of loving to much and not loving enough.
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