Boarding Schools: The academic and social importance

Schools are one place where students obtain their primary education and start to shape up their lives as future responsible citizens of the country. A country especially like India, which suffers from the disadvantages of lack of basic facilities such food and medical conditions has a long way to go before making the literacy rate among the best in the world. The culture of schooling in India, as history suggests was always in a boarding form. Students used to go to their teacher’s place and stay their assisting him with the daily work and gaining education a long way away from their home. Residential schools in India are not a new concept here but the facilities have improved drastically now.

The times changed and the concept of day school limited to 6 hours of periodical study of every subject. This has been the most popular concept for last few decades, when the number of schools in every town and city has increased and more and more students have the opportunity to attend schools and obtain quality education. The most important thing about education in India is most of the occupations here are associated with literary utility. For the development of the country and growth in Gross Domestic product the financial status of every person has to be better than what is ongoing. This can only be improved when most of the people are educated enough to cater to their financial needs. Even the occupation like farming and agriculture which we may think does not require education, if combined with a little bit of academics the farmers can start a better business of their own.

With the thought of a hundred percent literacy rate in India, many new schools have come up which are going to shape the future of the students and the country at large. These schools are counted among the best boarding schools in India and ome even in the world. The boarding schools give the students to spend time away from their comfort zones and build up a society of their own with other student from different cultural backgrounds and even ethnicities. This type of social interaction helps students not only be good academicians of future but also a better person. And we know the importance of good and tolerant people in our country who are ready to lead the country to peace and prsoperity.