Monday 7.22.19 CST the Genesis Network will be releasing a non-mandatory update with CoinRequest integration into the wallet.

CoinRequest Integration

What is CoinRequest

CoinRequest is a newer platform allowing users to create invoices in multiple cryptocurrencies. Simply create a request with the type of crypto, address, amount and note, then you can deliver the request in multiple ways throughout the email and social media. The receiver then can use the Genesis Full-Node wallet or the ZelCore lite wallet to settle the payment. Beyond that, v3.0.6.1 will allow you to create the request directly through your Genesis Full-Node wallet and share directly with CoinRequest.

CoinRequest is already 100% active and working. Future integrations with CoinRequest will be implemented in the Genesis mobile friendly Web Wallet and future mobile application.

Visit CoinRequest today:
Visit Genesis Network:

Mandatory update for all full nodes including pools, masternode owners, explorers and exchanges.


As some of you may or may not know, after the release of v3.0.5 re-enabling Big Blocks, we had an ultrablock payout on block 433521. After researching, the team found this to be a governance block that went awry and paid out to miners, which it should not have done. Since governance is currently not active, all governance blocks are burned up to this point.

In order to fix this concern, we have disabled governance payouts, but put an exception in for block 433521. …

Older fans of Genesis and the Genesis Network remember prior to v3 release of our custom maturity-based masternodes, there were bonus blocks every day, week, month and year. Well, they’re back!

Genesis Big Block Tracker


During the huge ramp up in the cryptocurrency market cap in late 2017 and early 2018, PoW mining was extremely profitable. This in turn caused thousands of people to spend thousands of dollars for GPUs to get into this “gold rush”. …

Genesis Network

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