Minor Release v3.0.6.1 Featuring CoinRequest Integration

Genesis Network

Monday 7.22.19 CST the Genesis Network will be releasing a non-mandatory update with CoinRequest integration into the wallet.

CoinRequest Integration

What is CoinRequest

CoinRequest is a newer platform allowing users to create invoices in multiple cryptocurrencies. Simply create a request with the type of crypto, address, amount and note, then you can deliver the request in multiple ways throughout the email and social media. The receiver then can use the Genesis Full-Node wallet or the ZelCore lite wallet to settle the payment. Beyond that, v3.0.6.1 will allow you to create the request directly through your Genesis Full-Node wallet and share directly with CoinRequest.

CoinRequest is already 100% active and working. Future integrations with CoinRequest will be implemented in the Genesis mobile friendly Web Wallet and future mobile application.

Visit CoinRequest today: https://coinrequest.io/
Visit Genesis Network: https://genesisnetwork.io/

Genesis Network

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Blog source for the Genesis Network and the Genesis #cryptocurrency — https://genesisnetwork.io/ — https://twitter.com/@genx_network

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