Design a Great Website With These 3 Tips

Web Design is one of my passions. I love creating beautiful websites using unique color schemes, bold photography and elegant fonts. But designing a website is really all about user experience.

I firmly believe that websites are only as good as the ease with which you can navigate them….

Three tips for creating user friendly websites:

  1. Responsiveness is key — In this era, the masses have access to the internet through mobile devices. Its more important than ever to create a responsive website design to give a good impression. Bootstrap and the CSS Grid Layout can help you design responsively.
  2. Keep special effects soft and to a minimum. I’m talking about the JavaScript and CSS elements such as parallax scrolling, fading in and out of photos, buttons, overlays and navigation, rotating buttons and so on…. When using effects with a timed speed, stick with a happy medium speed. If your animations are too fast, they can be irritating to the eye. If they are too slow, users may feel like they are waiting on your page to finish loading before they can proceed through the site. Don’t use any more than a few of these effects. Keep it simple, not busy.
  3. Colors should be easy on the eye and coordinate nicely with your client’s logo and the photos on the site. If you want to use a bold color in your scheme, sprinkle it around your site to add interest, yet not overwhelm the user. I always use a good mix of neutrals and bold colors, playing with light and dark hues. Color Hunt and Palettable are great for designing a complimentary palette.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you build a beautiful user friendly website.