Okay Ladies now let’s get InFormation.


50 days.

Election Day is 50 days away. Too much time. Too little time. Just enough time for all us ladies (and our friends and lovers), to get in formation and shape the future of our country.

We know the choices.

We know the biases.

We know Bernie is not a candidate. We know we need a multi party system going forward — ideally one grown from the ground up and not showing up every four years. The two party system simply isn’t vast enough to represent our amazingly diverse country and, come November 8th there are only two choices — HATE vs. PROGRESS.

This is the heavyweight bout of our lifetime.

In one corner we have HATE weighing in at obese, vulgar, lying, racist, bigoted and incendiary. Wearing a robe made of his ego and spewing whatever he feels regardless of truth or consequences.

In the other corner is PROGRESS, standing determined after thirty years right wing smears, standing strong in the face of negative and biased media coverage, standing knee deep in the sludge of regurgitated Kool-Aid that must have tasted awfully good going down and is reeks of bile and vitriol coming up.

Our job Ladies, is to ELECT PROGRESS.

It is our time to show up, stand up, speak up, be proud, be unified, and use our voices, show our determination and commitment to preserve and advance the rights of all people.


Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation. Here’s what you can do.

Register voters. You have until October 11th and yes, there are still people of all ages who are not registered to vote. Find the campaign office nearest to you and help get those voters registered.

Pick up the phone and make a few calls. It’s easy. 10 minutes a day. You’re not trying to persuade those who hate, you’re calling progress to make sure they vote.

A phone call converts 1 in 12 voters. Make 13 calls a day. Or more. Leave a message if they don’t answer.

Tell them the truth — “I imagine I’m not your first phone call and I imagine I won’t be your last. I’m calling because I care about the future of our country and the future of my family, your family, our friends, the environment, education, healthcare, the economy, progress.”

Call because you care. Call because our freedom depends on it. Call because you believe that progress must prevail. We have come to far to let hate give another blow.

Knock on doors. Even if you don’t live in a swing state, support the down party candidates in your state. Yes, this is intimidating and AMAZING. Seriously. Nothing is more profound than having a conversation with the people in your town, city and state about what they care about; to make human contact because YOU CARE about the future of our country.

Ask people about what they care about it. If it’s the right to guns, explain that nobody wants to take away their guns. If it’s affordable college, explain that Hillary Clinton is working closely with Bernie Sanders to make college affordable and even free to families making less than $125,000 a year. If they think the establishment is fucked, as so many people do, ask them why and ask them how they’d like to see it fixed. If they say Hillary is dishonest, point them to PolitiFact and this great Jill Abramson piece in The Guardian. Ask them if they felt Obama has done a good job. Ask them what’s ailing them. Ask them what they need. Understand why they feel what they feel.

Empathize and imagine feeling left behind, left out, unable to actualize. That would more than suck. I have felt that in small doses, in a big dose, holy hell, I would be so mad. Mad is an emotion readily available to me so I get it.

Share what you’ve learned, what you care about, why you support progress. Share your positivity. Share what motivates you into action. Your passion will inspire others.

Come November 8th, know that YOU have done everything you could possible do to ensure we move our country forward. Exhaust yourself for progress as we must take love and care for each other, the environment, women, children, black lives, animals, our economy, college aged kids, gays and transgenders, veterans, gosh the list is endless.

We are all in this together and we are absolutely stronger together. The time is now. Today. Urgently. There is not a moment to waste.

Ok ladies, now let’s get InFormation.