Ever Wonder If It’s Getting Easier To Get a Mortgage? Wonder No More!

Majority of discussions in this market is always how difficult it is to get a home mortgage. By all means IT IS…eight to ten years ago. Here comes the good news it seems that the availability to lend mortgages to potential buyers is amazingly increasing!

According to the Mortgage Banker’s Association they have an index which measures the availability of mortgage credit of the present time. Below you can see how in the last 6 months the availability of mortgages has been going up tremendously.

I understand that you may have put off to side of buying a home because like everyone else who buys a home, are always concerned if they are qualified for a mortgage. You may have been a benchwarmer, but it may be time to get into the game. Contact me for more information on different mortgage options at info@genequiocho.com or visit my website www.genequiocho.com.

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