There are hundreds out there, maybe thousands, or even billions if you think about those times when you danced in front of the mirror, those times expressing your own individuality, even your own intimacy. Hundreds of musical genres. Some more popular than others, depending on the current decade of course. Rock, salsa, pop, bachata, reggaeton, vallenato, cumbia, electronic music and much more.

Music is indeed a mind-body transition, an emotional ritual and probably an spiritual experience, all within the unique interpretation we give to those sensations and those unique lyrics. On the path towards discovering more and more uniqueness, it comes a new approach, a new way of creating music, music coming from that that makes everything we know, every living creature unique — Genetic Music.

Music built from the blocks of our uniqueness, Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine and Guanine (A,C, T, G). The DNA that builds up all known life in our absolutely fantastic world.

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Think about it. Imagine those times you laughed at your pet’s quirkiness or enjoy the touch of their soft fur. That fur is made from a protein that resulted from their DNA. Imagine those times you looked at that person’s eyes and marveled in its shape, or its color, or that tiny fractures and ripples, amounting to the rise of endorphins in your body. Each piece of those eyes is the result of one or more proteins, all translated from RNA, all transcripted from DNA. How about the “voice” of a whale, the weed’s THC, the shark’s teeth, the oak’s strength, the sunflower’s heliotropism, the incapacity a panda has to taste the meat’s flavor and endless more examples? They all are the result of an expressed DNA.

Now imagine a way to translate that DNA, those proteins, all those rare and beautiful features, all those expressions of the vast beauty of our world, into unique songs. That is what GenM does.

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We take the DNA of any animal, plant or person and transform it into a song — in the genre you wish. Imagine listening how your pet’s fur sounds, as a rock&roll song, or those eyes, in that person, as a romantic ballad you give them as a present. Imagine how your unique ancestry would sound. Or meditating with peaceful music made from your own DNA. Imagine dancing a reggaeton made from the singer’s own DNA. Imagine how your product, made from, let’s say avocado, would sound as a jingle.

Genetic music is limitless and truly unique. How about you? What would you like to listen?

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