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I’ve seen your eyes looking at me, you wAnt to discover the pieces of your existence. I’ve seen you hearing the music in the code, I put only four letters in your dictionary. Can you see how many things can be done with four letters, how many words can be formed, how many languages, can you see how simple is this design?, can you see its singularity?.

I’ve seen your eyes looking at me, but are you seeing? Can you forget the way you perceive? you are looking but you are not seeing. The magic is there, you have to sing the written song, it’s not words nor phrases, you have to listen the music. …

There are hundreds out there, maybe thousands, or even billions if you think about those times when you danced in front of the mirror, those times expressing your own individuality, even your own intimacy. Hundreds of musical genres. Some more popular than others, depending on the current decade of course. Rock, salsa, pop, bachata, reggaeton, vallenato, cumbia, electronic music and much more.

Music is indeed a mind-body transition, an emotional ritual and probably an spiritual experience, all within the unique interpretation we give to those sensations and those unique lyrics. …


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