A Plan to Save The Alamo
Texas General Land Office

The Alamo has been the top tourist attraction in Texas not because of living history actors, UNESCO, or any “reimagining” effort. It represents a place of reverence, dignity, and respect to commemorate the Battle of 1836 and those who died fighting for Texas’ Independence. It represents a turn in the events for Texas winning its independence. Changing and preserving have different meanings. To preserve means to maintain (something) in its original or existing state. The hue and cry in Texas will be to preserve (true to the definition) not to change. Unfortunately for the Texas Land Office, there will be a great public relations disaster if this continues. There are many historians, and experts for the era that have opposing views. You folks have tackled an issue you will not win. It is interesting to see which comments you respond to, mostly about the renaming issue., and theme park issue. You may try to rename, but that won’t happen..and I don’t believe the theme park rumors.