When is it time to give up on a Belief System?

“You’re willing to admit that this belief system is not serving you or anyone else for that matter. People are not thriving, there seems to be constant strife and drama, and there has been more failure than success. Am I right?”

“Yes but it’s the truth.”

“If it were true, then the results would be different. The results are saying otherwise. If it were truth, then you would have some different results to show the benefits of belief in this system. So far you’ve not been able to do that. All you’ve been able to do is demonstrate during the course of this conversation is that this is not serving you.”

“Yeah well…”

So went a conversation I had recently.

I felt very sad after this exchange. This person was willing to continue to be stuck in a belief system because they were afraid of admitting that what they had believed in for years may not be true.

I did think there was a glimmer of hope.

It was a big step to admit that the belief system produced very poor results.

Looking at our current landscape I see a lot of this going on. People seem unwilling to admit that our current belief system about issues from politics to education is not serving us well. We seem unwilling to admit the way we are doing things is not working and that we should do something different.

I have been doing extensive research about nutrition and it’s amazing that what we’ve been taught about Health and Nutrition has given us such terrible results these past 50 years and yet food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors keep pushing these nutrition principles that are based on flawed research.

The results tell us that we need to give up our current beliefs about nutrition.

Obesity has skyrocketed, Chronic Diseases are rampant, and our young people are expected to die prematurely.

Yet anytime dares to come out and speak against the current nutrition principles that are pushed by these special interest groups, they are vilified even though what we are doing is not working.

Why do we continue to hold on to belief systems that are giving us poor results?

There are several reasons

  1. We are afraid of what might happen next: If I have been told for years that x will result in a negative consequence, then it is very tough to let go of the belief that this is true. Even if my belief is giving me negative results, I am afraid to let go of the belief because something worse may happen. It’s like when you’re in a relationship that’s not quite “it” and you want to let it go but you’re afraid nothing better may come along. NOTE: If that’s your thinking, then you need to let the relationship go. You’re settling.
  2. We don’t want to believe that we’ve poured our heart and souls into something that may not have been true: Leah Remini said it so well about her escape from Scientology. She said: “I didn’t want to believe that this religion that I had poured my whole life into was a lie!” Nobody wants to find out that they’ve wasted years on something that may not have been true. It feels like wasted time.
  3. We don’t want to start over and rebuild: When you abandon a belief system, you have to start over. It’s not easy starting over either. In many cases you have to unlearn a lot of bad habits from your belief system and begin to rebuild your beliefs. It’s often easier to just stay stuck in a belief system than to start all over again.
  4. We are afraid of losing our connections: When I left what I believed to be a destructive and toxic belief system, I wasn’t just leaving an institution. I was leaving connections I had known since birth. I knew these beliefs and connections would not serve me well in the direction my life was going but it was still scary to leave all that I knew behind.

When is it Time to Give Up A Belief System

When you look around and the results are overwhelmingly toxic and negative.

When your belief system is costing you more than it’s giving you.

When there is no positive vision for the future

When it’s time.

I hope this piece inspires you to take stock of your belief system and you begin to let go of destructive and toxic belief systems. If this resonated with you in any way, then please click the heart.

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