You’ll Do Better in Toledo — Are you sure about that?
Brandon Croke

Toledo was the first place I fell in love with, even though it seemed like everyone was telling me I wasn’t supposed to. I went to BGSU and dated a South Toledo native and commuter, then moved there after college, so I spent a good chunk of my early young adulthood there. I live in LA now and I admit that when I get homesick it isn’t for my actual hometown in Illinois, but for Toledo!

I live in LA now, and to be honest during the first part of this article, I was ready to roll in with a defensive comment just to say “Hey, I became a vegetarian during my Toledo years!!” Living in Toledo first definitely spoiled middle eastern (especially Lebanese) food found in other US cities for me. I’m glad that I held out to understand what you were getting at, LOL.

Toledo deserves so much more credit than it gets. It’s a great place and it’s a shame it’s so overlooked. I’m married to LA due to my line of work, but I hope that eventually the town can get more economic opportunity and a chance to get some critical mass with young people. It really has so much going on for it.

Also, nowadays I look back on paying $590/mo split with a roommate for a 2br on the river near the zoo and my heart skips a beat. The aimless broke dreamers who are priced out of Portland really could look stand to look midwestward.

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