We Only Get Better

I heard this song “Better” by SYML. I am going to decifer some of these lyrics, and what they mean to me, and maybe, they will speak to you as well.

“You came into the picture like a natural” He came in at the right time. There was no hestation. There was only perfect chemistry. It happened so naturally. Maybe it was the way he smiled at me from across the room. Or the way his laugh made everyone in the room stop and listen. Whatever it was, it happened so naturally. He happened so naturally.

“And I know, and I know it’s a different love
And I know, and I know that you make me better”
Everything about him is different. I am not scared with him. I know I can fall, and he will catch me. It’s the way he holds my hand while driving. It’s the way he listens to me when I’m telling him a silly story. It’s the way he asks about my family. It’s the way I catch him looking at me, when he thinks I’m not paying attention. It is all different. His love is different. He makes me better.

“I came into your picture such a broken fool
A million different pieces looking back at you”
I have been hurt. I have been burned. When he left me, I thought I would never be happy again. Then you came in. I was broken, but you saw the person I used to be. I only had pieces to give you, but you helped me be hole. You held my pieces and glues them back together. Your love saved me.

“Love can terrify, love can start a fire
Holding on tonight, we’re burning like a lighter
Everything inside us burning with desire”
We are stronger together. We hold each other. I never thought I would ever be on fire. I never thought I would have this desire and this flame for someone. We will never fade. Because of you, I now know what true love is supposed to look like. You are everything I have dreamed of. I was terrified before you, I was terrified with you. But, now, I am terrified to lose you.

You have made me better.