Wooden Pallets are a tool many brands and retailers use as a base for on-the-floor promotional displays. But they come with their challenges. Wood splinters and nails randomly protrude from pallets and large, sharp chunks of wood can disengage from the pallet structure, all gouging and damaging a store’s floors. You work so hard to keep these floors looking their best but many organizations have not realized this potential danger, it’s been overlooked — until now! Even pallets which have been painted can leave an unwanted pattern on your floor when the paint bleeds, which absolutely happens, and becomes very evident when you begin paying attention.


When you’re running a retail business, there are so many reasons you need it to look its best. Customer experience is a big one. Loss prevention, another. Attractive retail spaces invite customers to come in and shop. They deter shoplifting by making it clear that the owner and employees are attentive and on guard against theft.

Are your floors damaged from pallets? Even store fixture installations use pallets and cause the same potential damage. If there is damage, you may be thinking about replacing your flooring with something more durable. That’s a good start. No doubt about it. But you’re still going to use pallets, right?

And why not? Because now, there’s a preventative measure you can take to nip pallet damage in the bud. This simple measure can protect replacement flooring, or the existing floors of your retail space from sustaining further damage.

Pallet Floor Protector™ (PFP-3).

Clip Strip Corporation is a retail display expert. We’ve discovered a way to keep pallets from having their way with your floors. The patented Pallet Floor Protector™ is an easy fix that shouldn’t cost retailers a dime.


Clip Strip started out providing these to one major client. But now that we’ve seen how effective they’ve been in preventing damage to our client’s floors, we’ve released the PFP-3 to the market.

Made of a durable, high density plastic, the PFP-3 is simple to install. By putting it between your floors and the pallet, they protect them from damage. All you need to do is have your suppliers agree to use the PFP-3 as part of their business transaction with you. You mandate their purchase of the PFP-3 to add to the bottom of pallets, creating “Feet for the Pallet™”.

A fraction of the cost of stack bases.

The Pallet Floor Protector™ costs your supplier between $1.72 and $2.15 per pallet (depending on dimensions). Compare that to the use and cost of plastic stack bases — $35- $135 each.

When you advise vendors that you expect them to use PFP-3’s to protect your floors from damage their pallets cause, that little piece of information will certainly kill any objections they might have about it.


PFP-3’s are an economical way to protect the investment you’ve made in your retail store’s flooring. It’s smart business that shouldn’t cost you anything and keeps your floors looking customer-ready.

Free sample?

We’re so stoked about the Pallet Floor Protector™ that we provide free samples so you can see how incredibly effective they are. Just reach out. We’ll share the wonders of PFP-3s with you, free of charge!


Clip Strip Corp. is in the business of point of purchase display merchandising. We help retailers, brands and the organizations supporting them, like printers and co-packers to maximize the total potential for effective merchandising and in-store marketing. Clip Strip can show you how to take full advantage of every inch of available space to boost sales and create an outstanding customer experience.

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