Night Mare


All I remember was having dinner and going to sleep. I also had three of my best friends over for the night. To my surprise,that’s only the beginning of my Night Mare.

“I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like i was drowning. Didn't see my friends anywhere in sight. Where had they gone,no clue. Probably for a midnight stroll or something. My eyes where completely shut for a moment until something automatically got them open.

I realized that I was in a street. A dinning place just across from me. I got up and headed toward the dinning place. To my surprise,There where about twenty people there. After five minutes of looking around, I heard a noise. I thought it was coming from out side. I ignored it for about a second but the noise came again. After fifteen minutes, I finally came outside to find one of my best friends, Geneva. Or was it just Geneva? There was another person on the street that I had no clue who it was. From what it looked like, I thought they were fighting. Not just fighting, but street fighting. “GENEVA?!”I shouted so she could he could hear me, “GENEVA?!” She saw me. Slowly but Surely, he came over to me, looking as puzzled as could be. He looked at me strange, like he didn't know me.It was like there was a wall between us.

The man looking puzzled as well, got out his knife, and pointed it at Geneva. The man through it at her, right in the back. The man through the knife on the ground after he was done.I tried to say “WATCH OUT” when that mischievous man through the knife but it was too late.Geneva was dead.

*FLASH* I woke up but in a beach, feeling very scared. I didn't know what happened or how i got here. After a while, I saw a dark, floating creature above someone. I didn’t know if this creature was a boy or a girl. It was just black and floating above.

I wanted to know who this person was so i took a step forward not willing to touch the black creature.

Oh no… I thought to myself, not even thinking about saying that loud enough for the monster to hear me and then kill me. It was Ally. I wished that Ally Wouldn’t die, but i guess all the gods turned there backs on us.

Before i could say anything, in a blink of an eye, Ally was gone. That black creature must of put a spell upon him to make him die. I was SO sad and angry that if i knew what that spell that the mysterious black creature used on Ally, I would use it on him, but sadly, I didn’t know what that spell was or even if it WAS a spell. Ally now died.

*FLASH* I now had ended up at a cottage with almost no memory. The only things I did remember was Ally and Geneva .

I was more scared than ever before in my life.

I wasn’t thinking about taking a step forward, when my friend Sasha came walking to the porch of the cottage. It wasn't just her, it looked like a normal person but i could sense the devil in her.

I was going to say something like “are you there” to Sasha but then the devil person asked if Sasha would like a drink of water. Sasha was pleased and after a moment said yes please.I was going to say something after that like “Don’t trust her”, but the devil girl came back as fast as ever.She asked if she would like some lemon with the water. Sasha replied with a soiled yes once more.I guess Sasha was “fancy”.

After a minute or two, I started to mumble out some words, like “are… you…okay…”?Sasha looked around after i said that. I think she didn't see me like an invisible wall blocking us.Its weird how i could see her but she couldn’t.

I’ts weird because Geneva looked at me like he didn't know me, Ally well… I didn't get to say anything, and Sasha was looking around to see who said that mumbling voice.

The witch person finally came back after fifteen minutes. I wonder what she was doing. I had to try to save Sasha ,if she was in danger like my other friends,but at that time when i was trying to thing of something,Sasha started drinking the water with that dash of lemon.

Quickly, I dashed over to the cup and hit it for some reason. I felt like i needed to.After I hit that cup, it didn’t shatter.Weird.

Sasha drank the water with the dash of lemon,not fully and as quickly as possible fell to the floor, eyes open. The Devil person was now blurry.The devil lady was gone. Sasha had died.

I felt like in a world where-i felt like i was in a “nightmare”.I started to cry.When I cried, I tried to think how she had died. After a minute, I thought she had got poisoned with the lemon,or maybe the water and the devil lady was trying to be a bit fancy and polite.I thought i was a terrible friend.In an blink of an eye,i was here in this therapist office,no clue how i got here.”

“I see Miss Sophia?” “And is there anything else you want to tell me?” “Nope”… I was hiding something,and didn’t want to tell the doctor. “Okay,if you say so Miss Sophia”.

“Are you sure this is supposed to be necessary?” “Indeed Miss .” “Hold on, its not going to hurt, just close your eyes.” “Okay.” *FLASH*

“Miss Anna?! Are you okay?!” “What? Where am I?” “Hold on Miss Anna i need to get you the memory medicine.” *FLASH* “Are you okay now Miss Anna?” “Yes.”

“Okay Miss Anna, I have some info… Oh no…Really…” “WHAT IS IT?!” “I’m sorry to say Miss Anna but — ” “BUT WHAT?” “Well…That wasn’t just a nightmare…It was real…” “Wait, How could this be…ITS REAL…So my friends really did DIE!” “Sorry to say but…Yes…”

This story is based on a story that my friend told me..

A dream she had…

But it wasn’t real..