5 most spendy things you can buy on Amazon right now

Amazon is a wonderful place and for me and has made traditional shopping at local stores practically obsolete. It could be the hermit in me, but I really don’t like to leave the house. I rarely visit a mall or store anymore unless it’s for groceries or for a home project that needs doing immediately. My shopping trips could soon be further reduced because Amazon is making great strides in the 1–3 hour delivery window with Prime Now and Amazon Fresh.

As I browse their product offerings, I’ve often wondered (like many of us, I’m sure) what are the spendiest items available for purchase through Amazon. So, with the help of a friend who monitors online products, I have compiled a list of the 5 most expensive things you can buy on Amazon.

#5 Midmark Corporation Casework Project

I assume this is a custom set of cabinetry for a dentist’s or doctor’s office. Not sure why it’s so expensive. But it’s weird and makes our top 5 most expensive Amazon products.

Price: $170,116.58 + $1,712.15 shipping

#4 Soma Technologies Trimode 9/6/4 Monitors Expanded

Medical equipment anyone? Who knew that you could get what is essentially an X-Ray machine on Amazon. You would think you could get free shipping for that price.

Price: $175,355.58 + $1,764.54 shipping

#3 Janel Lessing Original Pen and Ink Art

Original artwork is always beautiful. This is a signed original piece by the child prodigy. For those that don’t know, Janel Lessing was born in 1950 and wanted to be a world famous artist at the age of 3. By the age of 10 she was creating adult art at adult prices. The truly crazy part is she was nearly blind.

Price: $300,000.00 & FREE Shipping

#2 1802 Draped Bust Half Dime

For the coin collectors out there, we have this rare half dime. There were only 3,060 created. This is one of the most sought after coins, as most have been destroyed over time, with only 40–50 known to exist. Get this one right now on Amazon.

Price: $367,000.00 & FREE Shipping

#1 Todd Brownings “Freaks” Lobby Card set

This super rare lobby card set is one of the most spendy products you can buy on Amazon. I didn’t know people were selling one of a kind collectibles like this, but as we have seen, Amazon is truly the “everything store”.

Price: $850,000.00 & FREE Shipping

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