A political strategist with a heart and a good story

Billy Bob Thorton and Sandra Bullock

Our Brand is Crisis

Tonight we loaded into the theater with an eclectic group of people, all of whom I can only imagine as Sandra Bullock fans and not really political junkies. This film was an inside look at the political process as ‘Calamity Jane’ is hired to take a Bolivian from Senator to President. It gives you a peek behind the curtain but isn’t too serious.

If you don’t like the road you're on, pave another one.

The film has moments of fun that had the theater was laughing and it has some good moments that had the theater clapping and cheering. I think if you are a Sandra Bullock fan you will like this movie, but don’t look for some real political drama. There is a more serious plot but it get a little lost with all the feel good fun.

Recommend this if you’re a Bullock fan or looking for something light with slight behind the scenes of the political process 3.5 stars.

Our Brand is Crisis In theaters October 30, 2015

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