My Disruptive Mobile Technology Vacation: Texas Roadtrip

Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX a must for any BBQ Fan.

What’s it like to plan your entire vacation with your iPhone? It’s amazingly disruptive and convenient.

It’s been a while for a real vacation so Leslie and I decided it would be fun to take some time off and travel to Texas. Instead of the traditional hotel and rental car companies, we decided to try something new do everything via mobile apps and the sharing economy. Our goal was to live more like a local and see the state so we used AirBnB and tried SilverCar.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX

This trip was our first time ever using the AirBnB App. Love the concept but never had the opportunity to try it out. This was the perfect trip to use AirBnB since we hit up 5 cities in 6 days and check out the non-touristy areas. It allowed us to stay locally in pretty interesting areas. I’ll post about each city in our week long journey through Texas stopping in Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

SilverCar Audi A4

Another great concept is to change the car rental industry with and make things more efficient, enter SilverCar. I have a more in-depth post about my experience with the app/service you can read. It allows you to make a car rental reservation with a button click and get the VIP treatment from airport pickup to decked out Audi A4.

Overall taking a vacation only using mobile apps worked and provided a pretty convenient experience. We had a bunch of fun and I’d recommend it. Amazing all you need is a mobile phone to have a great vacation.

Give SilverCar a try and use my referral code KCQDJXVS and get $25 off your first rental.

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