Designs that I enjoy and designs I think could have an improved user experience.

Designs I enjoy

Nat Geo Atlas

  • I love the simplicity of this app. You are able to move the globe around in all directions and click anywhere on it to gather more information on that specific area.
  • It is a simple yet intuitive design. It is aesthetic and functional at the same time.

Dark Sky

  • Dark sky is able to provide so much information while remaining uncrowded and easy to use. The simple design is easy to navigate and interact with.
  • I feel like the design is user oriented. I can easily find what I am looking for as soon as I open the app. If I want to explore more I can, but what I need to know right away, is the first thing I see.


  • Calendars are tough, there is so much information and so many things people want to be able to do with a calendar app. I love Moleskin’s take on the calendar. This app can be used in the simplest form for users that really only need a basic calendar, or, it can be much more robust for those who need more. It is able to adapt the users needs and it is not too overwhelming for the user that needs very little.
  • I think what I like most about this design is how beautiful the interactions are. Some of the interactions are hard to understand at first which could cause some difficulties for certain users but I think it is because the interactions are ahead of it’s time.

Designs to be improved


  • I use spotify all the time but I am frustrated frequently by how many clicks it takes to do something I do often, like navigating to my saved playlists or saving a song to my playlists. There is so much going on in this app and the steps to take common actions are too long.


  • Yelp’s design seems somewhat outdated. I am constantly sifting through reviews that do not relate to me. I also feel like results are not true to the area around me.
  • The aesthetics to Yelp seem very outdated. Everything seems somewhat obtrusive and I am confused and overwhelmed upon immediately opening the app.


  • Seamless is always crashing. It is incredibly buggy and it is difficult to use. I find myself overwhelmed with everything happening, and I almost feel bored by the design. Uber eats is bringing in so much competition to this area and I am surprised to have not seen a strong UI update from Seamless in so long.
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