In Memory Of…

For when we are apart, there’s a longing in my heart that keeps me sailing back to you.

This post is for my soulmate. My very best friend. The light of my life. The guardian of my heart. About two months ago, the world physically lost a genuine, benevolent, outgoing soul when Casey left us to bask in his heavenly paradise. In a spiritual sense, though, Casey is still very much alive, and the wake of his vivid and lurid existence continues to remain. As Anaise Nin said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage,” and if there was one thing Casey did with such profound expertise, it was live as large, loud, brave, and bold as he possibly could.

He is awake when the sun ascends over the mountains to the east, because with him it was always go, go, go, make the most of the day. He is in every smiling face that passes by, because no matter if you were a stranger, or a lifelong friend, he greeted you with the utmost vivacity in hopes of maybe making you blush in your shyness, or making you laugh from his unrestricted confidence. He is present throughout the pulse of the earth; the ebb and flow of the tide, the winds through the forests, the waning and waxing of the moon, the illustrious displays of the aurora in the sky, as someone wholly bonded with the patterns of nature, always questioning and intrigued with the workings of the natural world.

That is where he was headed when we said what would turn out to be our last goodbye; out to be in the wild. “I love you,” I told him, “stay safe, and I’ll be waiting to hear about all you see when you come back”. And sometimes I catch myself believing that that is where he still is; out in his element, perpetually roaming around in the woods on a wayfaring endeavor. Maybe one day down the line our ventures will cross paths again, and we can regale each other with all that has taken place since we last departed. Until then, I keep him in my heart and he frequents my thoughts, and a part of me will always be kept safe wherever it is he is freely and peacefully roving now.

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