What is Influencer

When you open Instagram and scroll, you’ll likely see someone you follow promoting a brand. That person is also known as an Influencer, which by definition, are people or organizations that possess purported expertise, a large digital following and/or social influence in their respective fields.

There are two scenarios:

  1. You see, a donut shop advertising a new flavour and making a statement that this is the best donut so far they’ve ever created.
  2. Your best friend said that the donut taste so good that she insists you to try it.

You will be more likely to go out and buy…

We are living in an increasingly visual world: we found images everywhere. Even in a search engine, there is a function to search for just images. Thus, image optimization can’t be overlooked.

Image search can be found in search engines
Image search can be found in search engines
Image search in search engines

A couple of years ago, it is impossible for a bot to crawl images, videos, or non-text format. Even though the bot has gotten smarter, it is best that we set up our images manually for best SEO results.

Images is a valuable SEO asset so it shouldn’t be wasted and should be optimized.

Finding the right image

Before diving into the SEO world, I am a strong believer that content should…

Micro-moment marketing is impacting UX design decisions

Last week, on my time here in Australia, I flew to Sydney with a good friend of mine. We were planning to maximize our 4-days trip and get the best of Sydney. Throughout the journey, before each meal (2/3 times per day), instead of asking my friend what does she want to eat and get ‘whatever’ as the answer, I turned to Google and asked questions:

‘Best Thai restaurant near me’

‘Best smoothie bowl in Bondi beach.’

‘Popular dessert near Powerhouse Museum’

Mobile searches for “best” have grown 80 percent in the past two years.

*drum roll* We nailed it! All the food that we tried was absolutely amazing and apparently, 69% of…

What a drama series taught me about viral marketing

So you’ve got your content all set, and you are about to launch it. You are hoping that your post will go viral and wishing yourself good luck. But is going viral purely luck?

What is viral?

Viral refers to something that spreads rapidly and widely across people, especially on the internet.

Many marketers implement viral marketing because it can reduce the marketing cost, yet grow faster — especially with the help of social networks as a “force multiplier.” …

We got 3 weeks to create a web-app prototype for Binqit, a startup company based in Toronto that connects students and businesses for meaningful part-time jobs.

The Sprint

During the sprint, we are implementing scrum to track our progress and to keep everyone on the same page (we do it every morning and in the afternoon).

Week 1

On the first week, we focus on research and planning.

Digital marketing, and a bedding company’s dream

Three years ago, I suggested my father create a website and build a social media presence for his company. He agreed about the site, but then he asked: “Why should an electrical engineering company have social media?” “Do people look up for technician on Instagram?”


Social media have been dominated by retail, fashion, and F&B companies in the past few years. This dominance raises the idea that social media marketing can only be applied to certain “typical” companies.

Introducing: Casper

Recently, I came across Casper , a mattress company, on Instagram — and they have 153 thousand followers!

Three thoughts instantly crossed…

The company

Senior Care Connect is a startup based in Toronto that connects families with qualified elderly caregivers.

Current situation

They have a simple desktop website that acts as a job board where families can post their needs. Unfortunately, the site is facing some problems:

  • The site is not handy
  • Lacks some functionality
  • The rate of caregivers applying is low even though the number of the caregiver’s account is increasing.

The Brief

Design a mobile application for Senior Care Connect and deliver a prototype focused on profile creation, search, instant messaging and reviews.


Meet the team:

The Company

A mental health service provider that creates platforms to support gaps in the workplace, education, and services by empowering individuals to increase their capacity for well-being.

The Brief

Redesign the existing website and deliver a prototype done following our process of research, planning, designing, and testing in a 3 weeks design sprint.


Our initial step in the research stage is to understand the business. We learn about their goals, struggles, part of the company they want to emphasize, and we also get into technical details (how they reach clients, etc.). Once we tackled the internal research, we continued with the external research:

The following case study is part of a design challenge from my UX course at Red Academy Toronto.

Photo from the Toronto Archives


Well known for its independent spirit, colourful shopfronts, vibrant murals, and eclectic businesses, Kensington market has been Toronto’s charm since its establishment in 1862. The market is incredibly diverse; it is filled with many cultures and is a mixture of local historical shops as well as a new wave of more upscale cafes and restaurants. Despite its long-standing, there is a growing concern that Canadians will lose interest in shopping locals as people being drawn online more and more.


Design a desktop…

Genevieve Deborah Maswi

UX designer and entrepreneur currently based in Toronto 🚀

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