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GXCoin Overview/Progress Update: 27/09

What is GXCoin?

After recognizing the opportunity for small businesses to connect with a growing currency system, Genevieve Co. has brought cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities in the form of GxCoin, a currency that better fits their specific needs. GXCoin is:

  • An investment tool
  • A payment method
  • A vector of economic growth

GXCoin is an ERC20 token, built on one of the most powerful Blockchain networks, Ethereum. The cryptocurrency is a living token which displays intrinsic value founded through investment, innovation and focus on user satisfaction. Furthermore, GXCoin facilitates:

  • real-life cryptocurrency applications for small businesses and users
  • a medium of value exchange between investors, small businesses, customers and other beneficiaries
  • a safe storage of economic value

Barriers for small businesses using cryptocurrency often include limited time and resources needed to implement a new technology, limited familiarity with new and existing financial systems and concerns about price volatility. GxCoin bridges the gap between complex cryptocurrency systems and small business owners, in a 350 million-rich market, interested in using Financial Technologies to increase funding, accept new forms of payment, expand their customer base while avoiding lengthy transaction processes, fees, interest, and commissions associated with traditional banking and payment systems.

With GxCoin, the community shares resources, knowledge, ideas, and provides real-time feedback to participating businesses. This decentralization empowers businesses to be more active and aware, facilitating contributions directly to the local economy and empowering anyone to own part of these small businesses.

In a nutshell, GXCoin displays positive synergies by connecting venture capitalism with cryptocurrencies. It perpetuates this by combining ventures with Smart Money. This will attract token value, with real-life positive implications on the underlying ecosystem, in respect of token investment and speculation.

GXCoin connects mainstream investors with the local economy; by doing so, it stabilises and supports economic growth by realising business potential, resulting in increased value and employment. In addition to bringing capital and resources to local small businesses, Genevieve provides an open selection and audit of small businesses; the fund invests in those businesses that make economic sense, have strong prospective growth and make an ethically positive impact on the community. Genevieve also works with business executives to create their own tokens, prepare a strategic business plan, and create the roadmap necessary to succeed. Genevieve creates and releases the appropriate material as well as operates as the platform for each ICO. At each launch, Genevieve will participate from 10–25% depending of the size of the ICO.

The success of this project is reliant on each and every member of our community. We have an eventful journey ahead of us. We take pride in our resilience, persistence and dedication. With your support, we will break each and every barrier, aspiring to set precedents and reach new highs!

What benefits does GXCoin offer to its community?

Our Referral Program

Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization will create a democratic system to fully benefit from the positive synergies that our community has to offer. Raising project awareness is a priority; this requires the collective effort of the community. We appreciate that your time and effort is valuable; hence, we have created a bounty referral program.

The GXCommunity has a reserve specifically for such bounty distribution, amounting to 500,000 GXCoins. To benefit, simply send us the ERC20 address of the person you introduce, and we’ll reward your efforts with 50 GXCoins for each referred community member. Raising awareness via offering interviews, partaking in forums, strengthening our social media presence will aid us in reaching our objectives.

Our Currency

GXCoins are limited to 10 million in supply. Supply will be managed efficiently during the early stages of our growth to aid stability. Q3 of 2017 began with 2 million coins in circulating supply. An additional million will be released to early adopters and strategic partners. Following this, further distribution will be decided democratically via community polls. Effecting supply management, coupled with a strong valuation creation strategy, will aid token value appreciation. Such value creation will strengthen our resource availability for our ventures.

Increasing Usage

Our team, lead by Faisal on this matter, will actively work on building strategic partnership with small business networks, fueling token versatility and value appreciation. We passionately believe that the growing usage of GXCoins to hold and exchange value in everyday life for savings, purchases, and investments will drive demand, and by extension, appreciate the token valuation.


Whilst our team of developers focus on establishing proprietary platform, our community will be able to exchange GXCoins on the ERC20 platform, EtherDelta. We expect to be listed on larger exchanges in due course.

Our Investment Program and Platform

Our goal is to ethically invest in up to 300 small businesses, across 10 countries, by the end of Q1, 2018; such ambitions are highly correlated with token valuation. Investment lengths will vary from 6 months to 24 months; this will be determined by GXC’s proprietary investment program.

Our goals remain consistent:

  • create value for small business and for our community of supporters
  • for small businesses accept GXC as a payment method
  • issue specific tokens for each of our ventures prior to having them listed on our exchange platform

The GXC team

Our project focuses on us growing together as a community. Please join us in welcoming our newest members to the GXFamily!

  • Growth and Strategic Partnership Development: Faisal, United Kingdom
  • Social Media and Growth: Musab, Turkey
  • Social Media, Acquisition and Trading: Benny, Singapore
  • Ethereum Solidity Developer: Fatima, Uruguay

Communication channels:

The application process for our venture capital is now open; please follow the link here to forward your submission.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” — Seneca

Map of GXCoin Community Members:

Votre bien devoue,


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