We are proud to announce the launch of our Partner Program!

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We launched our Partner Program to bring voice-first technologies and products to a wide variety of consumer and industrial markets. The Snips Partner Program builds a network of key Technology and Solutions companies to provide clients with full access to building blocks and capabilities needed to integrate embedded, natural voice recognition into products and services. Read more about our launching partners Smile and DSP Group on the Snips blog, as well as how Snips is enabling access to groundbreaking voice technologies.

Find out more about this Program here and…

Smart kitchen, connected cars and robots… Too many connected objects, too little concern over data privacy

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Snips team at CES 2018

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant were stars of last year’s CES. In December 2017 Amazon reported its Echo Dot smart speaker and a built-in Alexa voice assistant to be #1 selling product across all categories over Christmas.

Voice assistants have again dominated this year’s CES. Google had the largest outdoor activation at CES spending more than $ 11M to promote its voice assistant. …

Genia Shipova

Marketing & Communications @Snips

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