Updated: 13, November 2018

November 2018 update

We announced that we bought back CGC from the market, over the course of October, beginning 5th. October 2018.

Circulating tokens

Current circulating tokens: http://bit.ly/2PKn4lA (click on “Total Circulating Currency”, and then “Show current circulating token”)

July 2018 buyback

As mentioned, the blog — http://bit.ly/2MOgFqV — we announced that we have bought back of CGC from the market, over the course of July.


Recap of token buyback

As mentioned in our Whitepaper, we will do a quarterly buyback of tokens from…

By Kunwar Vivek Singh, CTO, Crowd Genie

This article is continuation of the series where I share details on how Crowd-Genie, a blockchain based asset exchange, is designed and build. The first part of the series can be accessed here.

With Crowd-Genie, we set out to solve 2 major pain points.

Blockchain offers an exciting paradigm to the above existing problems. With blockchain, we can expand the borders of an organization…

By Akshay Mehra, CEO

One of the big themes in the current Distributed Ledger and Crypto communities (which unfortunately get linked, even though they are quite unique) is the lack of volumes for the tokens, because the promise of blockchain based applications just hasn’t been delivered.

After our Token Sale, we have been busy building on the promise, laid out in our White-paper (http://bit.ly/2MRyF08), and we have been adamant that we don’t want to be one of those ICOs that promise a lot, but deliver little.

Over the course of the last couple of months, we have been busy designing…

By Kunwar Singh, CTO, Crowd Genie


Last few months have been a roller coaster ride. As we set out to build Asia-wide tokenized Asset exchange platform, we were pretty sure that the journey would be exciting to say the least.

At Crowd Genie, we believe in an open and transparent relationship with the community and taking the same tradition forward, I will share the Crowd Genie Platform building journey in a series of articles probably once a month or whenever we have something substantial to share.

As shared in the previous posts, we had already on-boarded the MC2 team as…

Deviprasad Choudhury joins Crowd Genie as VP New Business Development

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Deviprasad Choudhury joins our Crowd Genie team as the Vice President of New Business Development. Devi, will lead the expansion of Crowd Genie’s proposed Blockchain based Exchange platform into new market segments and design the experience for our platform users.

Deviprasad Choudhury

Devi comes with a wealth of experience in Cryptomarkets and Financial management. Devi is the admin of one of the largest blockchain communities in India. …

Since the end of the ICO, Crowd-Genie’s team has been in full throttle developing the platform and building up the business. As mentioned, in our Whitepaper, we want to support the value of our tokens through a quarterly buyback from the exchanges, and burn the bought back tokens. In line with this, we are pleased to announce that we are conducting our first buy back during the month of July.

A total of USD10,000 would be used to buyback CGC Tokens from the cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC. This would be done throughout the month of July to prevent any sudden price…

The World Blockchain Forum Singapore, 3AM Summit is the leading exhibition event for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and experts. Industry thought leaders, prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, projects and media channels would be attending this event to share ideas on how we can collectively push the industry forward.

Crowd Genie will be involved in this event. Our V.P. of Operations, Wai Leong Wan, together with our CMO, Elisha Koh would be attending this event. Crowd Genie clients and investors are welcomed to take this opportunity to approach our team for a conversation about our project. …

1, June, 2018: After completing a successful token generation event and raising USD5,500,000, through its related entity CGSPV Pte. Ltd., the revolutionary small business lending platform, Crowd-Genie has started building its momentum by establishing a strategic technology development partnership with MC2 Solutions (https://mc2solutions.pl/en/). The platform development, as outlined in the roadmap given in the Whitepaper at www.genieico.net, will set Crowd Genie up to expand regionally, and allow it to be the leader in tokenizing real-world assets, and making them tradeable on its Asset Exchange. …

Akshay Mehra at Blockchain Expo on our plans for creating a regional Asset exchange


We continue to deliver on the road map in our Whitepaper!

Singapore-based company, CGSPV Pte. Ltd., a related company to Crowd Genie(www.crowd-genie.com), recently announced that it has setup an India office, and the appointment of Mr. Kunwar Singh, as its CTO. With this announcement, India will become both the development hub for the company, and one of the marekts where Crowd Genie might expand as it builds an Asia-Pacific Asset Exchange on Blockchain.

Crowd Genie sets up its India office

The India office will be based in Bangalore, and Mr. Kunwar will continue to be sited there. The India office will take on the development of the…

Crowd Genie Official Blog

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