If you happen to be talking to someone in the exact same financial situation you’re in, then it’s…
Herb Greengarden

Well, I would argue (or maybe just hope) that if we all talked about money more it could help us understand a variety of situations better. I have a friend who makes very good money in tech, and since we’ve talked about money and how I budget it she’s been thinking about budgeting herself. She hasn’t really needed to, in the sense of making enough that she didn’t have to worry about having enough for what she wanted, but now she’s starting to see that there’s a different element of control and planning for the future. I think talking about money, without judgment, can be a real eye-opener for a lot of people. Plus, because I talk about money with my friends, I don’t feel bad when I have to say “I can’t afford to go out to dinner this week.”

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